5 Face Brick Design Trends That Are Taking Over

5 Face Brick Design Trends That Are Taking Over

Image courtesy of Serge Brison

It’s time to step in line with the times when it comes to face brick design trends! Gone are the days of brick being seen as a humble, basic or boring building material. Now that new brick laying techniques and technologies are more accessible, there’s been a noticeable shift in the way this building material is perceived at large.

From perforated facades to fascinating exposed brick feature walls, designers and architects are constantly reimagining the way they work with brick. And it’s really exciting to see what they’re creating. Here are 5 face brick design trends to look out for.

  1. Mixed Face Brick
Image courtesy of Serge Brison


This Flemish Primary school, constructed by Vitech, provides a great example of the mixed face brick design trend. Architects and designers are beginning to take advantage of the

wide variety of clay face brick colours and sizes, and are becoming more creative with the way they place different types of brick together to construct unique patterns and patchwork effects.

2. Grey and Black Face Brick

Darker, edgier colours are working their way into the contemporary face brick design scene. From silvergrey satins to moody charcoals, bolder and more dramatic shades are really big at the moment

3. Feature Walls

Feature walls are a firm favourite when it comes to face brick design trends. Leaving a single wall of your room exposed to create eye-catching interest has not fallen out of favour in recent years, in fact, it appears as if exposed face brick feature walls are only gaining more momentum in the world of interior design.

 4. Reclaiming and Repurposing

Image courtesy of Andy Stagg

It’s out with the new and in with the old for this face brick design trend. With eco-friendly ideals at the forefront of current building practices, it makes sense to see old bricks being given new purpose to reduce waste. Whether it’s taking old bricks lying around your garden and using them to build seating and fire pits, or reclaiming bricks from demolished buildings to create intriguing sculptural pieces, the focus on sustainability in both residential and commercial environments has never been clearer!

5. Perforated Face Brick Facades

Image courtesy of Spaceshift Studio

Currently, we’re noticing an influx of building designs that exhibit perforated face brick facades. Examples of these include the Wasp House by Tropical Space and the Ngamwongwam House by Junsekino Architecture and Design. These buildings showcase facades with sections of brick purposefully removed to create decorative and visually interesting walls.


Now that you’ve read through these trends, we hope that we’ve challenged your view on face brick’s design possibilities. Feel free to share your thoughts on these trends in the comment box below or tell us which face brick design trend was your favourite.



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