Corobrik’s favourite exposed brick living rooms

Corobrik has chosen their favourite exposed brick living rooms to be inspired by. Exposed brick adds to the overall personality and style of a room. Experiment with the look and atmosphere by following these cues: A Subtle Sophistication

Image: If your design personality is soft and gentle, then you need an exposed brick wall that complements it. The pale colour palette, used in this design, looks lovely against the nude shades of clay brick. A Rustic Ranch
Image: This exposed brick living room instantly greets you with a friendly wave! We love how elements, such as the loosely woven rug and the dark-brown leather couch, tie in with the earthy backdrop of brick. If you like this rustic look just as much as we do, then do yourself a favour and take a look at Corobrik’s Wokberg Bronze clay brick. A Cheerful Chill-Zone
Image: Do you want your living room to be just as fun and outgoing as you are? If so, then perhaps you should take note of this design. We just love how the bright blue wall accents the fiery orange undertones of the clay brick. Contact: Corobrik


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