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Outdoor Living: Transform Your Patio With A Clay Brick Exterior

Brick is traditional and timeless. When applied to the outside of a building, it achieves a classic look with very little maintenance. When considering versatile materials that can still be trendy and stylish, clay brick is always a worthy competitor! Here are some innovative ways to transform your patio with a clay brick exterior…

Brick as decor

The use of brick as a type of decoration is limited only by the imagination of those installing this timeless material. Brick can upgrade an unfinished garden or patio and bring balance, colour and a completed look to your outdoor spaces. In addition, clay brick can act as an accent to accentuate certain parts of your backyard. Furthermore, it is also used in the creation of outdoor entertainment areas where you can gather with your loved ones.

Take for instance this gorgeous outdoor space (below). Here classic clay brick is offset against black steel and glass. It accentuates the shape of the outdoor window and draws the eye into the outdoor dining area. Suddenly, a bland wall becomes a focal point, beautifully designed with clay brick.

The Design Files

Stylish Paving

Finish off your outdoor area with paving. This is one of the most durable options that are not only sturdy underfoot but also require very little maintenance. Fun patterns and layouts are possible (see below). Here, a herringbone pattern adds a fun stylistic element to the outdoor space.

Kennedy Nolan

A Modern Revamp

Modern outdoor transformations often incorporate a mix of contemporary materials. Bricks work wonderfully here (see below) as it adds colour and texture in a truly exceptional outdoor kitchen. The depth of colour adds contrast against other black tones in this space. Overall, the area feels sleek and sophisticated and ideal for summer entertaining.

Similarly, you can create a zen-like retreat in your own backyard. A mix of modern materials can help you establish a beautiful and timeless entertainment space. Classic brick as a backdrop will add to the look of elegance with a touch of rustic charm. We love that brick adds a raw edge to any design.

Est Living

The Clay Brick Association represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa. The association aims to educate on sustainable production and energy-efficient building design.

You can find out more about Clay Brick online at www.claybrick.org.

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