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My Hares and Graces: Celebrate Pets, Nature And The Great Outdoors

Celebrate the natural beauty of our local fauna and flora with My Hares and Graces. Here, the animal world is certainly yours to explore.

Choose from a beautiful range of garden sculptures featuring beloved animals and small creatures or find the perfect Father’s Day gift to make a lasting impression. Whether you want to keep the memory of a dear pet alive or invest in an inanimate garden creature of your very own, My Hares and Graces creates exquisite hand-cast and life-size original sculptures of hares, cats and dogs.

Let’s take a look at what is on offer…

In Memory of our Precious Pets

Misha the Beagle came about by request from a client wishing to honour and remember their dearest pet. According to the owner, Carol Slabolepszy: “I loved making her and she has a beautiful, gentle face. Billie the Bull Terrier is also a very special (no work) dog to lie next to the fireplace.”

Carol has also helped to honour the memory of many beloved pets who have since passed on. She has also fulfilled the wishes of clients by lovingly placing the ashes of pets inside of their sculptures. She explains, “Last year I places the ashes of five dogs into two different hares and engraved the names of the dogs onto the sculptures. The owner was thrilled at finally having somewhere to put the remains of her dogs that had been sitting in little wooden boxes for years.” A beautiful keepsake that will have sentimental value and a new home for many years to come.


Pangolins, sometimes known as scaly anteaters, are extraordinary mammals. These life-size sculptures will make for an unusual gift and every Pangolin sold through Hares and Graces ensures that 3% of sales reach the African Pangolin Working Group as well as the Rhino Revolution Pangolin Protection Programme.

Our Four-Legged Friends

There are 7 different dogs, 7 different cats and 15 different hares to choose from in the collection. Each is lovingly made by Carol who also accepts custom orders.

Carol’s love of sculpture and clay definitely shines through her creations. Each of the animals is a piece of her and are making themselves at home in South Africa and the rest of the world.

My Little Lockdown Hares

Lockdown has been tough on many, and even more so for the creative industry. At the start of lockdown in South Africa, Carol took up the challenge to create a little ‘Lockdown Hare’ every day of lockdown from level 2 through to level 5. Each one is numbered and dated and they are a special reminder of how much we have all missed being able to hug during the lockdown. They can be sent anywhere in South Africa…R500.00 including delivery.

These little hares are also a fantastic gift idea to spoil a special person in your life.

Hare Lamps

In a recent collaboration with Kobisia Interiors in Dullstroom, My Hares and Graces have also created these beautiful ‘Hare Lamps’. The hare is holding a light bulb under his ‘arm’ as if he is running away with it. A beautiful, whimsical piece to add to any room.

Discover more online at My Hares and Graces.

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