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My Hares and Graces: 5 Design Trends To Take Into Your Garden.

As we step into the summer months ahead, we present some unique ways to bring your garden to life while embracing the latest design trends. Take a look at these stunning garden ornaments from My Hares and Graces and follow along for these top tips to bring style home this season…

Spooky Halloween Fun:

Give your garden a spooktacular Halloween ambience with these striking ‘glow- in- the- dark’ hares available from My Hares and Graces. Industrial strength luminous paint creates a ghostly shape in the dark so when the sun goes down, these ornaments awaken! They are all individually painted and can be made to order.

myharesandgraces-green copy

Cultural Fusion:

Inspired by Xhosa and Aboriginal dot painting, some of these bespoke hare ornaments from My Hares and Graces have been decorated with dots… it is a very peaceful, meditative process. Take a closer look at the dot-painted Cambalele.

myharesandgraces-brown copy

Ultra Luxe:

Sometimes it is better to embrace rather hide one’s brokenness. Over the many years that Carol Slabolepszy has been creating beautiful sculptures at My Hares and Graces, every now and then she is contacted by an ‘owner’ whose hare or cat has been damaged. It is important that people who own one of Carol’s works know that their sculpture can be repaired if there has been an accident (and this can happen even when we are careful). Sometimes the repairs with gold leaf have been very beautiful and Carol believes that we can add to our lives in meaningful ways where we embrace the brokenness.

myharesandgraces-grey copy

Alfresco Living:

As the warmer weather approaches many of us are getting out into the garden and spending time near pools and water features. My Hares and Graces sculptures are weather-proof but not water-proof. So they need some extra care with an exterior sealer if they are outside and the team recommends that they are exposed to regular watering (such as an irrigation system) but NOW, a limited selection of sculptures are available in marble ceramic so the sculptures can be placed in a water feature or near an irrigation system. Have a look at the Mvundla in Marble ceramic.

myharesandgraces-black copy

Colour trends:

My Hares and Graces can create a beatiful sculpture in almost any colour. However, the most popular finishes are the dark ‘pewter’ and the creamy ‘old stone’… When placing a sculpture it is always a good idea to consider the surroundings….a pewter hare in a shady spot becomes lost whereas a creamy white one will make a statement.

My Hares and Graces will be participating in the Kamers Makers Market at the Blaauklippen Wine Estate from the 24th to the 29th October 2023.

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