Lounging Around With Karongwe Furniture

Some furniture is specifically built for comfort – inside and outside the home. Karongwe Furniture brings us a durable range of outdoor furniture, perfect for the simple enjoyment of lounging around and loving life!

From outdoor loungers, to tables, trays and more… Karongwe has put together this striking range showcasing the beauty of solid wood to ensure the ultimate comfort and luxury at home – whether on your pool deck, patio or garden.

They source only premium grade hardwood timber from sustainable sources for the manufacture of their solid wood furniture pieces. A deep love for wood sets this company apart from mass producing manufacturers.

There are no shortcuts when making solid wood furniture. Karongwe’s pride is craftsmanship and attention to detail in every piece that they make. The reward is to know that each piece was crafted with the Karongwe philosophy of using premium solid hardwoods, classic joining methods and superior finishing techniques.

Karongwe therefore celebrates its uniqueness in every design made. The focus in design has always been on the wood itself – wood is timeless. As such, they only use premium solid hardwoods procured from sustainable sources in the manufacture of their furniture pieces.

Using vast experience and understanding of various solid woods, Karongwe loves to design to suit their client’s tastes and wants. Using the latest technology in design software they can also bring ideas to life.

Take a look at their outdoor furniture range and some of our favourite items here:

The Karongwe factory is based in the artistic town of Hartbeespoort. It lies at the foothills of the ancient Magalies Mountains where they are a hidden gem. Close to nature, they draw most of their inspiration from the outdoors for their furniture pieces.

Proudly made in SA

Karongwe’s commitment is toward their staff and clients, the people responsible for the success of the business. Their product is 100% locally designed and manufactured. Their artisans are trained in-house by master craftsmen. They are a client centred organisation and strive to exceed customer’s expectations by delivering personal service.

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