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Halloween, the spookiest of celebrations


Halloween, the spookiest of celebrations, a day of trick-or-treating, candy filled baskets and scary costumes. This holiday originates from a Celtic festival celebrating Autumn and although it is not a major occurrence in South Africa we still can appreciate the beautiful tones of Halloween, a time when nature displays it’s wonderful warm colours of red, orange, purple, yellow, green and brown.  So what affect do these warm, inviting tones have on our well-being. Colour psychologist, Karen Haller, believes that the colours surrounding us can “ help us to recover emotionally, mentally and physically from the stresses of modern day life”. 


With Karen Haller and LandLove Magazine as our guides, we have set about creating a Halloween colour selection using our fantastic products. 

Forest Green is a restorative colour, creating a sense of peace and internal wellbeing whilst also balancing the mind, body and soul. “Looking back centuries, green was the colour we sought because it told us that life existed, so green has long provided us the connection with life, water and food.” 




Golden Yellows and Burnt Orange and Reds 

 “The warmth of red is all about cosiness. It brings a subtle energy and can provide motivation and stimulation. A colour of action, red will encourage you to get outdoors.” 

 Relating to happiness and optimism, golden yellow is a colour that “lifts your spirits and boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, helping to improve your emotional wellbeing”, according to Haller. 

 As the colour of joy and playfulness, orange is often associated with fun. “Burnt orange encourages social conversation, inspires laughter and stimulates an appetite for social interaction”, says Haller. 



Contact : Plaisir di Jardin  have been adorning patios, pools, and gardens in South Africa since 1980.


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