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Go Green With Trendy Minima Pot Plants

Add life and colour to your décor with a new range of wholesome and sturdy Minima pot plant stand’s for your home interior. It’s a great way to bring greenery to your indoor space and embrace the beauty of nature.

Why you need indoor plants…

Indoor greenery has many benefits for the home owner and all who dwell in it’s vicinity. This includes:

  • Potted plants bring colour, texture and natural design to any space, no matter how small.
  • A simple plant on a window sill or counter can bring fresh new energy into a room.
  • Statistics suggest that indoor plants can actually help to improve your mood and spur creativity.
  • It’s a wonderful way to bring a touch of nature inside.
  • If you live in an apartment complex or have limited outdoor space, potted plants are a great solution to bringing the outdoors in. Create a balcony garden with pots or add one to a sunny window for added cheer.
  • Looking after plants can further spur your natural ability to nurture. You may feel more productive, fulfilled and a little closer to nature.
  • Did we mention that plants can also help to keep your indoor air cleaner for longer. Indoor plants help to eliminate air pollutants and can help to create added oxygen into your home.

Not only do indoor plants look great, but they can help to enhance the look and feel of almost any design scheme. But do be careful – nurturing indoor plants can become addictive and before you know it, you may have one of these beauties growing in every room in the house!


Minima’s latest range of pot plant stands offer a beautiful, organic finish that will set your plant apart. It’s a statement of style in any room and is available in a few different colourways to suit your interior. Minima’s appeal is its simplicity. Using geometry and curved forms, pieces simply clip together like a giant puzzle. Easy, trendy and a welcome addition to the home.

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