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Style Decor: How To Decorate With Statues In The Garden

Garden art is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. Bold sculptural pieces add a little interest and can brighten up even the smallest of gardens. Learn to decorate your garden with statues and create a cosy, inspired setting at home.

5 Tips To Style Your Garden With Sculptures

#1. Keep it Simple

Don’t overdo it. Choose one, or a few beautiful sculptural pieces to add definition to your garden. These will add a subtle hint of texture and creativity without overwhelming the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

#2. Stick to a Plan

Carefully consider the placement of your sculptures so that these become statement pieces in your garden. A plan will also save you time and money when it comes to purchasing the right statue for your space.

#3. Size and Scale

The right size sculpture or statue can impact the look and feel of your space. In a small garden, an oversized sculptural piece may seem out of place. The opposite is true in a large garden. Consider the scale and size of your choices to ensure you get the look you want.

#4. Consider surrounding Plants

Your garden is the real attraction and your chosen statue is the cherry on top. It needs to highlight the right areas and add to the overall feeling you want to achieve. As such, we suggest you plan your plant layout perfectly too. This will add colour, contrast and more to make your statue pop.

#5. Where should garden statues be placed?

Place statues off to the side but still in view from windows. There’s no point in placing a sculptural piece out of sight where it can’t be admired. Therefore, position them in open spaces, or use frames in your landscaping to highlight them.

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