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Style Decor: 11 Benefits of Container Gardening

We all do not have the luxury of space (or green fingers) when it comes to an extravagant garden. However, we can still embrace the beauty of greenery in a container garden. In fact, container gardening has many advantages. Here we share a few reasons you should try it for yourself.


No garden? No problem! Virtually everybody can enjoy container gardening, from a young child to an elderly person who is not very mobile, regardless of space and climatic conditions. Here’s why…

1. Need a little joy in your life? A container garden can definitely bring some cheer to a dull corner in the garden, balcony or patio with bright colour pots.

2. It is so easy to update your garden decor and style with containers. Just add interest to a specific area and change it up with colourful pots whenever the urge arises.

3. You can bring your “garden ” with you if you move!

4. Container gardening is ideal where space is an issue, such as compact city apartments.

5. It allows you to protect tender frost plants, as these can be moved inside as the weather gets cold.

6. A beginner? Container planting is a good way to explore a new hobby and is ideal for novice gardeners.

7. Container gardening allows you to control the quality and type of soil for each plant, especially useful for herbs and vegetables.

8. Very little weeding will be needed!

10. Expect fewer garden pests and plant diseases as these are unlikely to spread from one container to the next.

11. Container gardens are great for plants with a shallow root system that requires little digging.

Why not give it a try? Shop a range of fun yet functional container pots at Style Decor.



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