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SIT: Take Your Outdoor Space To A Whole New Level With Siparia

Create a beautiful and inspired outdoor setting with the latest offerings from SIT. Sipario from Nardi is a modular partition wall system for outdoor use made of regenerated plastic with a self-watering planter.

Featuring an asymmetrical mesh design, Siparia modules allow you to create linear, split and curved layouts. Ideal for separating outdoor spaces, it consists of three grid elements, easily hooked together without using screws, and includes a self-watering container for plants.

The modules can be vertically stacked to a maximum height of 3 components. To ensure the stability of the product, the pot should be filled with earth and here you can grow your favourite plants for added greenery in a cosy outdoor space.

Siparia is made from superior regenerated uniformly colored fiberglass polypropylene resins with UV additives. It boasts a beautiful matt finish and will fit in seamlessly into almost any outdoor setting.

Top tips:

  • Cordon off a little alfresco eating area in your garden and patio and use Sipario to separate the areas and create a little privacy.
  • Need a little greenery on a balcony or patio? Sipario can be also be installed linearly, giving your space definition and height with an added boost of fresh greenery. And let’s not forget it comes complete with a self-watering container to make life that much easier and hassle-free!

More about SIT:

SIT are importers of quality European and UK manufactured furniture. The vision of SIT is founded upon exclusive quality, service and reliability – all offered at highly competitive rates.

Check out their SALES page here or visit the WEBSITE for more info on the latest products.

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