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Pick of The Week: Garden Sculptures By My Hares & Graces

Today, our pick of the week will help you create a magical garden experience. My Hares & Graces brings us beautiful sculptures to add charm, colour and life to any outdoor space. Choose among sculptural hares, dogs, cats and other bespoke animals to add that wow factor in your garden.


A touch of whimsy

A garden can be a magical place. An outdoor haven of mystery and enchantment. A space to connect with nature and transport you to a whole new exciting and whimsical world.

Garden ornaments and beautiful outdoor sculptures can instantly add a touch of whimsy to a garden – no matter how big or small your space may be. If you’re after charm and playfulness, then a simple ornament or bold sculptural piece may be able to do the trick.

Nature-inspired art

My Hares & Graces creates beautiful nature-inspired sculptures to embrace outdoor living. Each is carefully crafted out of clay and hand-cast. This gives it an authentic and unique appearance.

Sculptures act as artwork that can enhance your space. They are therefore equally fitting in a tiny garden or a beautiful large outdoor space with rolling lawns and established flora. In fact, we love the idea that a simple sculpture like a beautiful hare can set the tone for an enchanting little piece of heaven outdoors.

Our faves include nature-inspired animal sculptures. Hares & Graces have 14 hares to choose from – many given African-inspired names as a fitting tribute to South Africa and the vastness of our animal kingdom. The collection includes: Lalela – The Listener, Moongazer, Ready, Steady, Go!, Hare Apparent, Mvundla – isiXhosa for ‘hare’, Cambelele – isiZulu for ‘sleep and relaxed’, uNogwaja – isiZulu for ‘hare’, Mpho – isiZulu for Gift, uMoya – isiZulu for Spirit, Thinker, Nwaya – isiZulu for ‘itch’ and Matasatas – isiZulu for ‘busy, Bheka and Dancer.

For your home and garden, these life-size original sculptures of hares, cats and dogs are hand-cast in a weather-proof acrylic resin to ensure that they stand proudly in your garden for many years to come.


Symbolism and Meaning

Choosing a garden ornament or sculpture can also take on depth and meaning. For example, the ‘hare’ is often associated with moon deities. It may also signify rebirth or resurrection. The hare can also be a symbol of fertility or sensuality. They can bring new meaning to your outdoor area and create a special retreat that is personalised to your needs.

Hares, therefore, carry a mystical quality that we love. The idea of this small creature roaming wild and being free in nature is a constant reminder to us to live a life of freedom and to appreciate the land we have been blessed with.

Discover the latest sculptures and order your own to transform your home or garden. Visit My Hares & Graces.

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