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Obbligato: Pops of Fun in Your Garden

Create a special place outside where you can enjoy the summer sunshine and the beauty of your very own backyard. Obbligato brings us a range of fun-loving outdoor planters to bring a pop of fun into your garden.

Mosaics are a unique way to bring colour and style to your home. They look especially beautiful glittering under the sun’s rays outdoors. Make your garden glimmer with glass gems or use them inside to make a statement.

Each unique, hand crafted mosaic plant pot is made to order at Obbligato. These distinctive mosaic planters are exclusively manufactured for corporate, commercial or domestic clients.

Glass or ceramic mosaics are fixed to fibreglass cores to keep the planters from being prohibitively heavy. The range of mosaic colours used will depend on what is available at the time of order – or specific tile ranges can be used depending on availability.

Geometric Patterns

Inspiration for geometric patterns is everywhere in this digital, pixelated world we inhabit. The geometric design range from Obbligato thus celebrates timeless simplicity, order, colour blocking and structured repetitive shapes. Furthermore, geometric patterns add beautiful aesthetic elements to your garden. Additionally, they each bring colour, texture, style and unique effects to your space. Designs can be tailored to just about any application, keeping decorative elements classy and clean.

Obbligato mosaic planters are available in various styles, and sizes. As the planters are bespoke, they are therefore made to order to suit specific applications and environments. If required, the team can work in conjunction with architects and interior designers.

Furthermore, the planters are ideal for low-maintenance plants such as succulents, cacti or architectural plants.

Send an email to info@obbligato.co.za for a price list or visit Obbligato online to check out what they have on offer.

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