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Japi: stylish plant holders

Offering a range of contemporary and classic planters, Japi was introduced to the South African market a few years ago to cater to the growing demand for stylish plant holders for indoor and outdoor use.

Part of Hingham Nursery, the largest garden centre in Durban, Japi South Africa was born out of owner Julia Scragg’s love of landscaping and the need for beautiful planters.

“Planters have always been a passion of Julia’s,” explains the company. “Julia imported glazed and terracotta containers from the East and transported pots from other parts of the country to make them available in Durban.”

“As such, It was a natural fit for Japi Brazil,” they continue. “When Julia saw these containers she knew that South Africa needed them.”

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the planters are made from a lightweight polyresin that is super durable (the planters come with a 10-year warranty), UV-resistant and recyclable.

Available to shop online, these are a few of our favourite planters:

For living rooms: Flute Tall Japi Planter

“An upright, tall sleek Japi plant pot with a beautiful finish. The unique fluted design giving the illusion of additional height. The soft neutral colour palette complimenting the beauty of your chosen foliage. A stunning modern planter for that stylish look” – Japi

For decks and large outdoor areas: Bios Japi Planters

“Modern contemporary Bios Planters. On-trend stunning design. Slight textured finish. Ideal for current trends in decor Perfect minimalist statement planters” – Japi

For small balconies: All-in-one Modern Conic Japi Planter

“Modern upright Japi planter with hidden drip tray that slides out for a neat finish.  The perfect solution for indoor and patio use. Stunning textured finish. Easy to re-position with its lightweight construction” – Japi

For tabletops or a grouping of plants indoors: Lattice Japi Bowl

“A modern round Japi planter for Stylish living.  The smaller size planter is great for use as a tabletop cachepot” – Japi

For driveways or entryways: Innovare Maggiore Japi Planter

“Modern, tall and elegant, the square shape tapering in towards the bottom is a classic shaped planter.  A great addition to modern and classic style indoor and outdoor decor” – Japi


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