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Japi South Africa: stylish plant holders

Part of Hingham Nursery, Japi South Africa offers a large range of stylish plant holders for indoor and outdoor use.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the planters are made from a lightweight polyresin that is super durable (the planters come with a 10-year warranty), UV-resistant and recyclable.

To ensure your plants (hopefully) last as long as the planters, here the team share their top tips for taking care of house plants.

Location, location, location

While most plants love to see the sun, they don’t want to necessarily be seen by the sun. So choose a spot that is light and bright but out of direct sunlight.

Soil health is key

Plants receive all the nutrition they need from the soil, so it is important to fill planters with clean, healthy and nutritious soil.

Water your plant regularly

Most plants fare well with a deep watering once a week. But keep an eye on the bottom of your planter – you don’t want excess water damaging your flooring. As such, we suggest a platter with a built-in drip tray to catch runoff. Try the All-in-one Modern Conic Japi Planter.

Repot plants annually

Most plants will need to be repotted annually to promote growth. The Flute Round Japi Planter comes in different sizes, which makes it a great option for repotting – young plants can go in the small version and move to the larger version as they mature to keep the design consistent. There’s also a tall version for plants with deep root systems.

Pot plants don’t have to go on the floor

Indoor plants can really go anywhere – on the floor or a table, work surface or shelf. Just be sure to choose a size and growth habit that will fit the spot comfortably. The lightweight Rustic Low Japi Planter is a great option for tabletops.


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