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Botanica: From 1 Pot to Over 9000 Water Features

Botanica was founded in 1994 with the design and production of one planter pot in a garage at the founder’s home in Johannesburg. From one pot the company has grown and produced over 9,000 water features.

The idea was inspired by the owner;s brothers, Neville and Leon, who were experimenting with the use of polyfibre resins for planters. This was due to the inherent lightness and longevity of the material.  The first pot created was shown to a customer, who loved it so much, she ordered 20 and the business, Botanica was born. A month later, a new design took shape, which was to become one of Botanica’s best sellers.

Over the last 30 years, the range has grown to over 2400 standard planter pots, water features and accessories, plus a larger range of custom-made products, which are all manufactured from resin at the factory in Kramerville.  Add different oxides, metals and natural materials, and the team developed a wide range of unique finishes, such as rusted metals, tarnished coppers, ancient marbles, as well as a modern dynamic gloss finish.  To date, they have approximately 9000 water features operating in homes and commercial properties in South Africa and overseas.

Bespoke creations

“We base our philosophy on combining beautiful bespoke designs, incredible finishes, with the inherent characteristics of the material and manufacturing process, which is durability and  longevity. We want to ensure that our products outlast those of our competitors, while providing minimal maintenance and repairs.”

A lot of customers are looking for something unique. So, 60% of Bonica’s orders are custom-designed products. They work closely with the customer, whether it’s a landscape designer, architect or home owner. This is to ensure that they address every element to suit the environment, style and needs. The products, except where there are civils involved, such as large water walls, fountains or canal water features, are designed to be plug-and-play. Furthermore, this ensures that installation, operation and maintenance are very easy.

Summer is here so think planters, water features and getting creative in your space!

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