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Warmer Colour Palettes with iTe Products

iTe Products is known for fabulous flooring and construction solutions, with a range of products that cover every aspect of screed and wall preparation. When you use these products for your project, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy the warm glow of satisfaction that comes with a job well done, and lasting quality. Be Inspired with iTe Products.

To round out the portfolio of iTe Products,  iTe Paints are here – the logical extension to the range, and an addition that lets you colour your tomorrow. With iTe Paints, you can count on the same quality guarantees as with all of the other products.


Transform your space.

Traditionally, the brand has focused on what lies beneath when it comes to floors and walls. With the new paint range, the emphasis is on the finishing touches. As you would expect from iTe Products, they will offer a level of quality and durability that’s unmatched – but that’s not all.

The power of colour.

In keeping with a longstanding commitment to R&D, the viscosity, drying times and colour consistency of each paint has been tested and retested. Creativity has also been unleashed to devise a range of on-trend and classic hues that will bring your walls and floors to life.

As temperatures outside fall, it’s only natural that warm palettes are currently being favoured by interior designers. Warmer shades provide a psychological boost during darker, shorter days.

Colours that inspire, quality that endures…

The new iTe Paints range has been formulated for strong finishes, and resistance to wear. From iTe FloorPro to iTe RoofPro, there will be an iTe Paint for every part of your building. iTe ArtisanPro robust general-purpose paint comes with a 5-year guarantee; iTe Duratech medium-wearing strong finish paint is backed by an 8-year guarantee, while the long-lasting luxury finish of iTe EverShield offers ultimate peace of mind in the shape of a 15-year guarantee.

Intended for the trade and for DIY, iTe Paints offers all the hallmarks: quality, ease of use, safety, and the certainty of enduring results. All in all, the perfect choice for when you want to add warmth to your space this winter, and for many winters to come.

Contact: iTe Products.

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