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Eva-Last: Say Goodbye To Nosy Neighbours

Privacy is a precious commodity. Whether it’s nosy neighbours peering over the fence or the desire to carve out intimate spaces at home, the need for effective privacy solutions is paramount. Thankfully, Eva-Last offers revolutionary answers with its range of bamboo composite privacy screens and balusters, seamlessly blending functionality with exquisite design.

Privacy screening and fencing serve multiple purposes beyond just shielding us from prying eyes. They can delineate spaces, create cosy nooks, or simply elevate the aesthetics of an area. The best variations do all of this and more!

One of the standout features of Eva-Last privacy screens is their ability to mimic the warmth and beauty of natural wood without the hassle of maintenance. With three distinct bamboo composite ranges – Apex, Infinity, and Eva-tech – Eva-Last provides an array of options, each with its own set of functional and aesthetic benefits.

Privacy screens are a game-changer and can offer much-needed privacy between properties and within the parameters of your outdoor living space.  If you are creating a privacy fence, then any of the Eva-Last fascia boards will work well, and your choice will come down to the cost, colour and finish to suit your project.

Smaller privacy screening on patios, for example, can be created out of Lifespan beams or the Eva-tech composite balusters, depending on the design or look you want to achieve. Eva-Last fascia boards are both double-sided and made from a thinner board. The result is a product suited for applications that are weight-sensitive and cost-effective.


Whilst aesthetic considerations are important when selecting the best product for privacy screening, structural and durability considerations are also important. Eva-Last composites are weather-resistant, splinter-free, and moisture-resistant. Say goodbye to the warping, splitting, and cracking that often plagues traditional timber screens. With Eva-Last, you can trust that your privacy screens will stand the test of time, retaining their pristine condition for years to come.

Moreover, Eva-Last composites offer remarkable stain and UV resistance, ensuring that the rich colours of your outdoor screens remain vibrant even under the harshest sunlight. This means you can enjoy the beauty of your privacy screens without worrying about constant upkeep.

But functionality aside, Eva-Last also understands the importance of aesthetics. The wood-look aesthetic of Eva-Last composites adds a touch of timeless elegance to any space, whether it’s a cosy patio, a serene poolside retreat, or a vibrant garden oasis. These screens seamlessly blend into their surroundings, enhancing the overall ambience while providing much-needed privacy.

Choose the best option that works for your space

Whether you are considering top-of-wall privacy fences or patio separators and garden dividers, Eva-Last offers endless possibilities for enhancing both the functionality and style of your outdoor and indoor spaces. Invest in privacy screens to shield your sanctuary from prying eyes or create distinct zones within your property. Either way, you will be covered with the wide selection available from Eva-Last.

In the end, privacy screens are more than just functional barriers – they’re statements of style and sophistication. With the unmatched durability, low maintenance requirements, and exquisite aesthetics of Eva-Last composites, you can redefine the concept of privacy screening, elevating it to a whole new level of luxury and convenience.

Say goodbye to nosy neighbours and hello to a world of privacy and serenity with Eva-Last.

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