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Douglas Jones: Unique Pool Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

Why settle for the same pool as your neighbour? Get creative and select a mosaic which is sure to stimulate positive conversation, apart from the obvious satisfaction of being unique and personalised.

Summer is all about outdoor enjoyment and what better way to keep cool and create a special retreat for your family, then with a stylish pool to make the most of the summer months!  Your perfect pool is only limited by your imagination. With so many materials on offer today, you can create something truly unique that you will enjoy throughout the warmer seasons.

Mosaic tiles offer versatility and style when it comes to finishing off your pool. It’s no wonder that mosaics are still one of the most popular and recommended materials for modern pools. Not only does it add a decorative quality to your outdoor space, but because mosaics are very easy to maintain, they will look good for years to come.

The main qualities you need when considering a pool and your choice of mosaic finishing are quality and visual appeal. With so many added benefits, we know that mosaics are often the best choice for your pool. Here’s why:

  • So many colour variations are now available. Check out the wide selection available from Douglas Jones.
  • These are easy to configure and design your own unique pattern.
  • Mosaics are ideal for just about any shape of pool.
  • Quality is not compromised over time.

The beauty of glass tiles

There are also different options of mosaics on the market, including glass mosaics and ceramic. Each option has its own pros and cons. Glass tiles are subsequently one of the most versatile options for your pool, and will not only add to the value of your outdoor space.  In fact, they offer so much more as you can create a unique and visually stimulating appearance. Furthermore, glass tiles are non porous and environmentally friendly. They are also resistant to stains, mold and mildew, as well as chemical damage. This means that glass mosaics are also easy to maintain and that their colour is not affected by water or the elements.

If you’re after a special look for your pool – one that you can customise to create something unique and distinct, then glass mosaics are the way to go. Choose from beautiful shades of blue for that Mediterranean feel at home. Even if you work on a tight budget, you can combine glass mosaic tile with other materials and benefit from their gorgeous reflective surface.

Revamping your outdoor space? Or perhaps you are considering installing a new pool? Contact the professionals at Douglas Jones and enquire about their beautiful selection of mosaic tiles.

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