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Botanica: The Most Desired Water Wall Feature

Make a statement with the most desired water wall feature from Botanica. Now available in South Africa in  lightweight 2-person carry in 1 hour plug ‘n play units.

The most exciting benefit for everybody with this feature is the small ground surface footprint with a large wall space surface display area. This means minimising space requirements as well as avoiding having plans done for builders and subcontractors and the concurrent large costs and associated additional people coming and going plus the mess for a week or two.

As a result, people have shied away from this most popular type of water feature. In the past landscapers and resellers have avoided quoting on this type of water wall feature as a result. The manufacture of these products provides resellers with day and night videos, pictures, technical specifications and drawings plus the backup service for their customers.

All you have to do is place the vertical free-standing unit against any wall, fill with water and plug it into your nearest plug point and away it goes.


The feature is available in 4 widths: 96 cm, 1.26 m, 2.26 m, and 3.26 m. The standard height is 2.09 m to fit through most standard doorways. As mentioned, a 1-hour installation by yourself or your supplier means a quick turnaround time with detailed specs and drawings supplied.

No plans are needed even if going up to the first and 2nd floors. No mess or rubble.

The feature is manufactured in lightweight proprietary environmentally friendly inert polyfibre resin. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is 100% waterproof. 

Designed by a well-known Dutch sculptor and architect. The product is delivered complete with a 20-year guarantee and pump – 2 years, ready to run.

Eye-Catching Design Meets Functionality

The design has the latest slate tile wall profile, featuring included LED up lighting which gives the eye-catching centre peace appearance of millions of small diamonds tinkling down over the tiled wall. A large range of textures and colours are available to suit your decor. Furthermore, the pump cover has built-in stainless-steel filter discs to prevent ingress of debris vwith a alve to increase or decrease water flow rate. Additionally, the bottom basin can be inset at or below surface level.

The feature complies with supplier’s standard child and adult safety regulations. A minor cost option is available for electronic timers with 15-day battery backup for settings not affected by Eskom power outages.  With today’s pump technology and timer settings you can reduce your already low power consumption by over 80 %. The feature is also compatible with installed solar systems and can be configured to run with its own solar power at extra cost. 

Non-standard sizes can also be quoted on. Call 082 967 3355 for information.

Visit Botanica for more.

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