Corobrik’s Top Clay Paver & Brick Cleaning Tips

Corobrik’s Top Clay Paver & Brick Cleaning Tips


Revamping an old face brick house and need tips on how to get rid of unsightly moss that’s spreading along your walls? Perhaps you’re having guests over and want paver cleaning tips to ensure your patio is looking spick and span? Whatever your situation may be, expert brick manufacturer, Corobrik, has a solution for every cleaning problem. Take a look at their handy tips below.

Cleaning Moss & Lichen

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A simple solution of copper sulfate is sufficient for removing moss or lichen from brick walls or clay paving. A mixture of one kilogram of copper sulfate, dissolved in 1 litre of water is recommended. Alternatively, a proprietary weed killer will also work.

Brick Cleaning Tips For Mortar Smear


It is advisable to make use of a wooden or nylon scraper (and avoid using a metal scraper) to remove large mortar smears. Thereafter, you can use a hosepipe to spray bricks down before diluting a solution of proprietary mortar cleaner and washing your walls with this using a stiff fibre brush. After waiting a few minutes, you can then hose off all the acid residue.

Cleaning A Brick Fire Pit


You can use a standard oven cleaner to remove any black creosote that has formed inside your fire pit. Sodium hypochlorite used with a stiff scrubbing brush is also another great option. Just ensure you make use of adequate gloves, eye protection and breathing protection whilst cleaning with this solution.

Removing White Deposits On Brickwork


White deposits on your brickwork are most likely due to crystallised salts that appear on brick as it dries out. This is easy to clean and will probably rinse off when it rains. Otherwise, you can scrub this off with a firm bristle brush.

Cleaning Clay Pavers

Image featuring Corobrik Cederberg Pavers

Clay pavers are best cleaned with a standard pressured garden hose and a stiff brush. It is not a good idea to use high pressure cleaners for these as they have the potential to remove your paving joint sand which is needed to keep your pavers in place.

Did you find these paver and brick cleaning tips helpful? Have any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Drop them in the comment box below and let us know what you do to keep your clay products in top shape.


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