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Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level by adding a Pizza Oven to your collection!

Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level by adding a Pizza Oven to your collection!

A wood-fired Pizza Oven is a great choice and can cook far more then just the perfect pizza!  By adding this to your entertainment area, you have just included an oven, capable of baking or roasting almost any recipe with some adaptions. The improved wood fired taste will be enough to turn any meal into an event!

With so many different options on the market, it is imperative to ensure that the one you choose checks all the boxes!  For a long-term investment you will want to take care to consider the following:

What is the guarantee?  With good quality comes confidence from the manufacturer to include a generous guarantee!

What is the floor of the oven made from and how will it effect your cooking?  The Al Fresco Pizza Oven boasts a smooth solid tile that helps heat the oven quicker and retains heat to always bake pizzas crispy from the base!

What sizes are available?  The inside diameters differ –as well as the opening size – consider the types of dishes you want to cook in there and how many people you may need to cater for.

Where does it come from? Local manufacturers give you a huge advantage! Not only are you supporting a local company, you are also assured that support is nearby!  Manufacturing and designing in SA mean that the product was specifically designed around our trends and needs.

What are your chimney requirements, and what other accessories are available?  The Alfresco Pizza Oven comes complete with a removable door, 800mm Stainless Steel Chimney with a choke valve and swivel rain cap, Stainless steel pizza lifter & coal rake set.  Extra accessories are available such as chimney extensions and bends, and a Mobile Stand with sliding table!

Remember what to look out for and you will land yourself an incredible long-term investment!



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