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Chad-O-Chef Hob Grill

The time is prime to kit  your  home with  a  streamlined Chad-O-Chef Hob Grill which adds a modern & elegant touch to the traditional gas braai. An entertainers  delight summer or winter!


The Hob Grill comes standard with everyone’s favorite volcanic rock, which enhances the flavor of your food considerably, with its great steak-house taste.  Thus, adding a truly unique experience to your indoor and outdoor kitchen.

This gas braai is dropped into your countertop, and a hinged stainless-steel cover cleverly hides your grill away when you are done enjoying your feast.

With the unification of style and functionality you can cook almost anything on the Hob Grill.  The versatile heat allows for slow cooked chicken as well as hot sizzling steaks!

Chad-O-Chef’s accessories help to expand the horizon.  Add the Stainless-Steel Rotisserie Dome to instantly upgrade your braai to an oven or add the noteworthy 4.5mm Stir-Fry Pan to do breakfasts, pancakes, saucy meats and more!

When designing your cabinets, there are 2 important details to note.  Keep in mind that the braai is being installed on the inside of your cupboard – this means that it needs to include vent holes or ventilation plates to breath.  The next thing is the removal of your drip tray to keep your braai nice and clean.  We like to hinge the bottom of the cabinet drawer on, so that it opens easily to access the drip tray. 

With years of hard work and dedication, Chad-O-Chef is one of South Africa’s leading braai and fireplace manufactures.  Quality and pride transcending from every staff member from the design, manufacturing, sales and after sales phases.


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