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AVINs Hot and Happening Combination of Function and Elegance.

As the Summer of 2023/24 unveils its trends. This year, we witnessed an uprising in how we experience our spaces thanks to AVIN’s ingenious blend of form and function

The AVIN Glassdoor is leading this stylish upgrade that has captured the hearts of homeowners and foodies since its launch in 2021. This is an increasingly popular trend amongst AVINists and is compatible with any AVIN model. The Glassdoor is more than a visual treat – it symbolises safety and robustness. Crafted from 100% Robax Glass, its heat-resistant properties and elegant air slots make it a must-have for any AVIN lover and the perfect Christmas gift in 2023. Ensuring your AVIN oven is not just an appliance but a centrepiece, whether nestled indoors or as the anchor of your outdoor oasis.

Commercial spaces were included in the design trend for 2023. Hazendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch has made AVIN a staple in their culinary ventures. A feather in the cap for AVIN are the prestigious Ellerman House Hotel in Cape Town and Le Petit Manoir in Franschhoek, embracing AVIN’s charm as their own.


Commercial and residential AVINs have seen a colour palette rise in rich, bold shades, with Black in Matt or Gloss taking centre stage.

The deciding factors between indoor and outdoor AVIN Ovens are based on personal preferences, budget considerations, and spatial dynamics. This choice symbolises the current design trend that blurs the lines between interior and exterior living, inviting nature in and taking comfort out

This Summer’s interior design is not just about looking hot; it’s about being cool – cool enough to handle the heat with AVIN’s stylish and practical solutions. So whether you’re renovating your home or looking to infuse new life into your commercial space, AVIN’s range offers that perfect enchantment of style, safety, and sophistication that promises to be the hallmark of Summer 2023/24

Embrace the trend, embrace the warmth, embrace AVIN – and transform your space into a testament to the art of living well.

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