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Alfresco Summer: Redefine Outdoor Entertainment with AVIN.

Picture sizzling steaks, pizzas by the pool, or dinner parties under the stars. AVIN redefines outdoor cooking, blending the fun of open-air with the sophistication of gourmet meals. Whether a laid-back braai or an elegant soiree, these ovens provide the perfect culinary backdrop.

Crafting Your Al Fresco Culinary Space

Imagine your outdoor kitchen as the heart of your home, where flavours blossom and style reigns. That’s what happens when you bring an AVIN oven into the mix. Think of it as the secret ingredient to a recipe that blends space, style, and seamless functionality into a perfect outdoor haven. Whether you’re aiming for that rustic allure or sleek modern lines, an AVIN oven fits in effortlessly, elevating your open-air cooking to a work of art.


Summer Recipes and Cooking Tips – Festive AVIN Lamb Shoulder – Serves 6

Get ready to outshine any traditional spit with this show-stopping summer feast.

Prepare a vibrant herb butter with the zest of lemon and the warm embrace of garlic. Slather your lamb with this fragrant mix, add a dash of salt and pepper, and voilà – the lamb is ready for an AVIN slow roast

Experience a celebration of flavours – you’re not just cooking but creating ‘AVIN moments of joy!


Entertaining in Style, Sustainability and Outdoor Cooking

AVIN ovens create experiences in an increasingly conscious ecological environment. Embrace summer with AVIN’s eco-conscious creations, perfectly in tune with your green lifestyle. Enjoy guilt-free cooking experiences, knowing that your AVIN oven is designed with sustainability.

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Your Summer with AVIN: Seamless and Uninterrupted

While our AVIN team takes a well-deserved break, our commitment to your summer enjoyment continues. After all, AVIN isn’t just about the sizzle and sear; it’s about the laughter, the bonds, and the shared plates that make up the fabric of our gatherings.

Gear up for a festive season filled with magic. Where every dish is a toast to life’s pleasures, and every gathering is drowned in joy.

So wrap yourself in the warmth of shared moments, and let AVIN be the cornerstone of a summer you’ll relish forever.

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