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Achieve Dream Designs with Special Shaped Bricks

Do you have a building project that goes above and beyond the standard day-to-day designs that require the use of regular face brick? It’s more than likely that you’ll need special shaped bricks to achieve your unique design – and Corobrik has the answer.

Special shaped bricks are exactly what the name suggests – bricks that are specially created in unique shapes and dimensions to complement and contrast the standard metric or imperial brick. Corobrik’s special shaped bricks afford designers a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity through architecture and refine forms and finishes of face brick buildings.

Visit your nearest Corobrik store to discuss your next building project and explore the possibilities of ordering special shaped bricks to achieve your dream design.



The limitless shapes of special bricks provide flexibility in aesthetics and functionality, giving you and your architects the freedom to design unique and distinctive buildings. This is “Carmelite House” in London and it is a stunning example of how an architect has utilized special shaped bricks to execute creativity by achieving an interesting “basket weave” effect on the exterior of the building.

Pictured above is an interesting and appealing archway achieved using a special shaped brick with a rounded edge. Corobrik’s “Single Bullnose Solid Brick” would be a great choice should you wish to design something similar. See the full dimensions of this versatile brick here.

Pictured above are more great examples of designs that have used special shaped bricks to achieve their distinct appearance. Both the wall and archway are finished off with rounded brick edging, giving the designs a whimsical, fairy-tale feel. To achieve this look in your next building project, we recommend using Corobrik’s “Double Bullnose Solid Brickfrom their special shaped brick range.


Corobrik offers special shaped bricks at all its face brick factories, those in accordance with the capability of the plant and equipment employed. View Corobrik’s full range of special shaped bricks to put the finishing touch on your next project here.


How would you use special shaped bricks to achieve your dream designs? Let us know in the comments section below.


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