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Nov 17, 2019

10 Fragrant Plants for Walkways and Paths

Paths and walkways are important areas of a garden. Here we share 10 fragrant plants that will certainly add to the appeal of your modern walkway and path.

There are special plants and flowers for pathways in a garden. However, most people usually overlook these areas that can enhance the overall appeal of their gardens.
There are a variety of pants that you can use for these gardens. You can choose any of them depending on various factors and your preferences. Some people consider the type of pavement use in the pathways while others consider the visual appeal of plants and flowers.

Considering such factors and your own preferences, you can choose the best plants and flowers for your pathways. Let us check out the best fragrant plants for paths walkways for any garden.



If you like lilies, you can consider planting daylilies around your pathways. Daylilies bloom with yellow and orange flowers that will brighten up your walkways. These beautiful lilies require sunlight to grow but can tolerate light shades. The daylily flowers open up in the morning and close at the time of dusk. They can last only for one or two days most of the time. However, the buds these plants produce can bloom for several weeks. Daylilies can grow up to 3 feet tall, and the size of flowers varies from 3 to 4.5 inches in diameter.



Lily of the valley is a little plant that offers a sweet fragrance. Plant it under larger plants to cover a mat with the sweetest-smelling soil. In the first season, one bulb will fill a 4-inch square area, but the plant will spread through underground rhizomes over time. To build a dense and fragrant field, four or five plants can quickly fill in. Small red berries appear in the fall on the plant when lily-of-the-valley is to be divided in order to maintain strong growth.

King Edward Yarrow


If you have dry soil in your garden or your location receives full sun most of the time, you can consider King Edward Yarrow plant for your walkways. It is a perennial plant that blooms best in the summer season. Its white and pink flowers can grow up to 2 feet tall and are sure to spread their fragrance in your garden.


Cranesbills are perennial plants that are best for the summer season. They grow purple-coloured flowers that bloom in the summer and offer a beautiful touch to your paths and walkways. Cranesbills grow with green colour foliage up to 2 feet broad with tiny cup-shaped flowers. Cranesbills are available in beautiful colours, including lavender, pink, white, blue, and purple, that spread their fragrance in the entire yard.



The Bergenia is also a perennial plant that has heart-shaped leaves. It blooms in the spring with red, purple flowers with a great fragrance. The plant has a red stem that can grow from 12 to 18 inches in height. The green leaves have a glossy finish that can be up to one foot long. Bergenia plants grow their best when planted in areas that receive full exposure to sun or in the afternoon shade.



Lavender flowers can improve the visual appeal and value of any landscape. A garden with a lavender fragrance can be close to an oasis. The lavender flowers are perennial type plants that bloom best in the mid-summer.

Bridal Bouquet Abelia


The fragrance of Bridal Bouquet Abelia can spread up to a radius of 15 feet around them. They can bloom in the time from late spring to the beginning of summer when its pink buds open into small white trumpets. It’s red, yellow, and orange leaves compensate for the loss of fragrance in the winter.

Harlequin glory bower

Everett Herald

The creamy white flowers of the Harlequin glory bower plant fill its early summer canopy and spread up to 25 feet of distance. But there’s no limit to the scents. They emit a peanut-buttery scent when the leaves are crushed, which is why the shrub is also known as a peanut butter bush. A turquoise blueberry grows when spent flowers fall off. Each berry is surrounded by red sepals, making a stunning display before birds eat them.



Astilbe beds at Marwood Hill Garden, July 2006.


If your pathways receive direct sunlight, Astilbes are the best perennials for summer. You can plant them in the sun, or a light shady area has slight moist soil. Astilbes stand tall and grow feathery plumed flowers. You can choose cream, red, white, pink, and purple flower plants for your pathways. Planting this wonderful plant along your pathways can make your garden bloom throughout the summer season.

Rock Cresses


If you want some seasonal plants that bloom in the spring season, you must consider planting Rock Cresses around the pathways in your garden. They bloom best in the areas that receive direct sunlight. The white and purple flowers grow in groups and cover their green foliage partially. Your family and visitors are sure to like the sweet fragrance of rock cresses flowers.

Final Words

These are some fragrant plants for your pathways that can improve the visual appeal of your garden. People in Brisbane have also used these plants around the rock retaining walls Brisbane in their gardens. Their fragrance can change the way you feel in your garden and make you gain admiration for your plants. Most of these plants bloom with flowers in the spring to early summer, but their green foliage spread throughout their year to maintain the beauty of your landscapes.

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