Create A Gorgeous Med Style Courtyard

We’re swooning over beautifully lush gardens and inspired courtyards. Create your own outdoor oasis with our top tips for designing a stylish Mediterranean courtyard at home.

Oversized potted plants, stone flooring, garden art and lush green vegetation. This combination will easily inspire you to linger outdoors. So why not invest in some of these essentials and transform your tired outdoor spaces into a beautiful Med style courtyard. Here’s what you’ll need.

  1. Demarcate the right area

Whether adjacent to a swimming pool, or right in the middle of your garden – choose the right spot to create a zen-like ambience with inspired Med-style finishes. A courtyard is a wonderful gathering point for family and friends, so be sure to choose an outside area with lots of character that can also serve as an entertainment space for your guests.


2. Decide on the flooring

Whether pavers, cobble or stone paving, your choice of durable outdoor flooring will set the scene for a gorgeous courtyard. We love the look of aged stone pillars and intricate stone borders that help create a tranquil outdoor entertainment space. Chat to your builders or if you’re doing it DIY, speak to a outdoor flooring specialist about your options and budget.

3. The sounds of water

There is certainly something magical and refreshing about the sounds of water in a blissful courtyard. Invest in a statement water feature or fountain or upgrade an existing swimming pool into a wonderful addition to this new space. Running water has a calming effect on the mind and will certainly enhance any Med style outdoor space.

4. Med Style Furniture

Mediterranean living is all about rest and relaxation while soaking up the sunshine. As such, be sure to purchase adequate furniture that will have a lasting impact on your space. Wooden loungers, a lofty dining table and comfy seating are ideal for a pleasurable visit outdoors. Add an outdoor dining table for some alfresco mealtime fun outside.

5. Splurge on an outdoor kitchen

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment area in true Med style with the addition of a functional outdoor kitchen. Add a pizza oven, or braai to complete this space. Your family will certainly thank you for it and you’ll get to enjoy those long summer evenings in your own backyard!

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