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Lighting Aug 6, 2021

Women’s Month Focus: It’s Girl Power At Studio Lloyd

As we celebrate Women’s Month in South Africa this August, we shine a light on some amazing female designers leaving their mark on the industry. Studio Lloyd is one such innovative brand – a female-run lighting design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is striving for diversity within the handcraft lighting design scope and creates unique and functional pieces.


You need only stop and take a look at the amazing handiwork coming from this studio to recognise the creativity and zeal behind the brand. Studio Lloyd incorporates the traditional technique of crochet into modern lighting and focuses on creating organic shapes within each unique design.

The Amoeba light sculpture is located at the Skotnes Restaurant in the Norval Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa. Its organic shape compliments the long seating arrangement and adds depth to the space. It is made out of our Diamond Grey multifilament rope, 9 warm dimmable LED bulbs, wired brass detailing and high-quality brass fittings.

An Organic Evolution

The studio was founded in 2016 by Industrial Lighting Designer Ashlee Lloyd. Each piece at Studio Lloyd is delicately made with sublime attention to detail. Each fixture develops organically and the studio combines luxurious high-quality materials.

“Ever aware of nuances of mood determined by illumination intensity, Lloyd’s chandeliers are as much about their sensitive, diffuse quality of light as they are about handcrafting.” — Martin Jacobs, Private Edition_Conde Nast.

Functional and Individual

The products range from light sculpture installations to light pendants, seating and decorative elements for international as well as local projects. The result is a culmination of functionality and true individuality.

Studio Lloyd uses various diameters of multifilament rope. This is the same material commonly used for the marine yachting industry. The material has built in composite to hold colour and protects against decomposing. At the same time it protects against anti-humidity decay and insect inhabitation. Lastly, this rope is coated in UV protection agents. This makes it a perfect match for outdoor and indoor use.

“A breathtaking molecular light sculpture by Studio Lloyd does more than illuminate an interior – it engages the senses. If you are looking for a statement piece, it doesn’t get more stately than this.” — Homemakers Expo.


For more visit Studio Lloyd and bring something magical into your next design project.

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