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Lighting Aug 10, 2023

Volta lighting collection by Nahtrang Studio

Sporting delicate lines and graceful curves, the new Volta lighting collection by Nahtrang Studio allows clients to create their own custom suspension light design by choosing individual lights or combining multiple components to create clusters of brilliance.

The range, with its aluminium heads and acrylic diffusers, consists of seven unique designs that beautifully complement each other.

A-3530 / A-3531 Wall Lamps

The metallic wall lamp with its gracefully curving arm, cylindrical aluminium head and acrylic (PMMA) lens diffuser with integrated LED is ideal for installing above a headboard. It is also great for restaurants, corridors, lobbies and retail shops.

T-3534 Suspension Lamp

This minimalist suspension lamp with its metal body, cylindrical aluminium head, acrylic (PMMA) lens diffuser and integrated LED also sports an individual canopy and can be adjusted to various heights, making it a superb choice for creating a lighting cluster above a kitchen island, dining-room table or bar.

T-3535 / T-3536 Suspension Lamp

The second suspension lamp design in the range also is also adjustable in height. The metal body with individual canopy, integrated dimmable LED, cylindrical aluminium heads and acrylic (PMMA) lens diffusers is the perfect choice for creating a striking statement composition.

M-3537 Table Lamp

The Volta table lamp with its cylindrical aluminium head, acrylic (PMMA) lens diffuser and integrated LED is ideal for task lighting on a bedside table or desk.

P-3538 Floor and Reading Lamp

Like the table lamp, this hard-working task light has a cylindrical aluminium head, acrylic (PMMA) lens diffuser and integrated LED. The design also incorporates a push button in the head that regulates the light’s intensity.

T-3533 / A-3533 Ceiling Lamps

These metal ceiling lamps come with a black or gold cylindrical swivel head and can be mounted flush with the ceiling or wall.

T-3532 Suspension Lamp

Similar in makeup to the other suspension lamps in the range, this design consists of three swivel heads on an elegant track. The illuminating design is a good option in kitchens and bars.

Volta is locally available through Streamlight.


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