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Lighting Mar 18, 2021

Up Close & Personal with DelightFULL’s Head Product Designer

Paulo Figueiredo, head designer of the mid-century modern lighting brand has been living the DelightFULL’s story since the brand was created eleven years ago. Today we step inside the world of mid-century lighting brand, through the eyes of the artist that created the iconic lighting designs that marked the lighting industry as we know it.

“I’m strongly connected to the music world, that is why the DelightFULL world was the perfect place to start my career as product designer.”

Beginning of a Chapter

What inspired you to pursue design as your professional path?

I come from a musician’s family, strongly related to the artistic and creative world, and since I was a young boy a remember that I always found fascinating the unlimited world of creativity and loved to draw, however it was on my high school years that I found my passion for design.

I’m strongly connected to the music world, that is why the DelightFULL world was the perfect place to start my career as product designer.

How do see the world of design?

I see design as a multidisciplinary world, where there is no right or wrong because every person has a different opinion and that brings a lot of opportunities to explore the undiscovered. The person who wants to pursue this industry as their professional path, whether it is more focused on product or interiors, must have different skills and an open mind to new ideas and continuous learning.

And about the biggest challenges?

Well, I usually say that being a product or interior design is not just a career, is a way of living, a lifestyle that keeps you busy almost 24/7. When you’re passionate about what you do and you are successful, you can take the risk of dealing with a lot of projects at the same time (especially when it comes to interior design), so your time and tasks management skills must be on of your strong skills as a professional. But it is a positive challenge, I think.

Since we have been a part of DelightFULL’s history, can you tell us in a few words what the brand means to you?

DelightFULL is a big part of my life and says a lot to me, because not only reinterprets a part of history that I love (which is the art, cinema and lifestyle culture of the mid-century era) which is a style that I personally love, but also because over the past few years I had the opportunity to grow as a professional at the same time as the brand was growing and achieving multiple records. When I entered the brand, Boca do Lobo already existed and had a great impact in the luxury market, so It was a challenge. I was invited to create a new concept and a new collection in the lighting segment that would remain associated with the music world through the product’s names, giving me the opportunity to combine two of my biggest passions.

A DelightFULL story

How would you describe you daily routine?

Well, my daily routine is really not what you expect from the brand’s head designer, because I’m also involved with the sales department and have my own exclusive client list, which I contact daily. I believe that the key to create a successful product is to build a strong relationship with your clients, which in my case some turn out to be long-time friends with the passing of the years.   But I would say that I spend a lot of time finding inspiration to create the next iconic product, because I believe that there is still a lot to be done.  When I’m in the design studio, my eyes are focused on designing unique product options that fulfils not only the brands needs, but also the lighting segment that our clients are constantly asking for.

“Desire, emotion, ergonomics – three simple words that define my vision and product type.”

Where do you find your inspiration to create a new product?

I can’t define a specific source because I’m inspired with everything that surrounds me, from a simple walk on the street or experiencing new cultures and countries (which my part as a sales element provides me), or even visiting different design offices from studios. We always take some details from one place or another and that is how inspiration comes to me. One thing that I always try to do is to come out of my comfort zone, and explore different visions without being afraid of taking risks. For me Philip Starck is one the best reference when it comes to product design, because I share one of his main philosophy’s that is when you enter a space, whether it’s a kitchen, office or living room, you want to find something that surprises you and that has some emotional impact.

You haven creating some of the brand’s most iconic pieces but, like any other creative person, I’m certain you have one that is special for you. What is your favorite lighting piece in DelightFULL’s collection? Tell us a little bit more about it.

I would say without any doubts that the piece that marked me as a designer, and still remains very special to me, is the Clark Suspension, from our Heritage Collection. It is a lighting fixture that was created about nine years ago and my attempt to bring some freshness into the brand’s collection, that at that time had a specific record of pieces. Currently we can say that DelightFULL features a lot of statement pieces that shows different visions and inspirations, but when I created Clark is a more sculptured piece then the rest of the lighting pieces in the collection, and It was my way to add a different artistic concept into the brand’s already well-established mid-century culture. It was the piece that challenged me technical and production wise, so it was the piece that I loved developing.

New Reality, New Future

Do you think that the current pandemic situation has changed your relationship with your clients and your vision as an interior designer?

Definitely. These times have led us to new realities both in terms of the relationship with customers and in the way we design a space, which is then reflected in the act of purchase. Today we think of our home as a safe haven and that is why people want more comfort, giving more value to each space and detail. On the other hand, the distance makes the most demanding, I would say, suspicious. Hence the role of the interior designer has to be that of a friend, a partner they can trust. It is up to us professionals to give the best answer.

We want to know what the future holds for DelightFULL and what are the brands biggest goals that are yet to achieve. So, as head designer, how do you see the brand in 10 years?

I would love to see the brand keeping its iconic mid-century path, but with bigger impact in the interior design world. Participating in great projects created by the best interior designers in the world as a premier choice for lighting options. We already have a great impact in the industry but I think that there is always room to grow even more, no matter the influence you already have in the market.

“In design, it is fundamental that we understand the concept that we are trying to innovate, because is through that way that we can explore the unknown and plays a little bit with our creativity.”

And you? What are the goals that are yet to achieve?

This is ongoing work, and so I believe there is no limit. no finish line when it comes to product development and inspiration. What I look for, more than an objective, is that each product or projected space fully satisfies the desires of each consumer. As long as it is an object of desire, I know that I’m accomplishing my mission as a design lover who wants to reach the unknown and bring some new ideas to the luxury design market. I want to keep creating and be inspired by the small details that look insignificant to the naked eye.

If you could send a message to young designers, what would it be?

Know your customers very well, their desires, their tastes, their way of life. After they are the best friends of these people and invite them to participate in the project. Finally, I would say to continue studying as a professional, especially in a constantly changing world. I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity of combining the best of both worlds and truly create products that makes a difference in the mid-century world.

Discover a whole world of lighting innovation at DelightFULL.



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