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Trendiy Garage Storage Ideas

Having an organised garage can make your life so much easier. Many people use their garages for storage or even a workshop. It is therefore essential to make sure this space is well organised and uncluttered.  Here are some great ideas to get your garage organised quickly and cost effectively from Trendiy.

Make use of wall space

Because the garage is generally used to park your cars, there is limited space. Make use of the wall space by mounting hooks to hang tools or mount racks for bigger objects such as bicycles and sports equipment. Tip: Store the items used most often in easy-to-reach areas and reserve high or awkward storage areas for off-season, rarely used items.

Create a Work Surface

Although this isn’t necessary, a work surface is very useful to have. Perhaps build a rough table using wood or use an old table you no longer need in the house. Tip: A fold out table is useful for this space as it can be neatly stored until it is needed. Install Decent Lighting

If you are going to be using your garage for a place to work on DIY projects, you will need plenty of light to see what you’re doing. High-intensity lights, such as halogens or LED’s are perfect for brightening up your work area.

Zone, store and label correctly

Assign zones for each function. For example, a typical garage might store car supplies, sports equipment, gardening tools and spare household supplies. Decide on 3-6 zones that match your needs as a starting point. Once you’ve assigned zones, store these things together in one place and make sure you have storage containers that are the proper size and shape for each category. Lastly, take time when it comes to labelling your storage containers. Simple signs saying “Nails and drills” or “Paintbrushes” can save you time and energy searching through boxes and containers for these items.

For more ways to make the most out of the decorator in you, visit www.trendiy.co.za for inspiring hints and tips. 

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