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Lighting Apr 25, 2024

Track lights enjoy their time in the sun, again. By Eurolux

Did you know that track lighting has been around since the late 1960’s? It’s hard to imagine these fittings were around at the time that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, and they’re still going strong! Be Inspired with Eurolux.

Having gained popularity in art galleries and museums to highlight artworks and features, track lighting hit the mainstream in retail stores in the 1970s and was gradually embraced in upmarket home settings.

Now, with an ever expanding selection of fittings available, track lighting has come into its own once again, and these contemporary fixtures can be used to create a unique tailored look which simultaneously enhances a space and highlights features as required.


There are different applications, which we unpack below:

3-Wire Track Lights are commonly used in homes and commercial spaces. They have three wires: power, neutral, and earth. They’re easy to install, having only one circuit and are perfectly suited for uncomplicated lighting setups, offering the basic benefit of accent and task lighting in desired positions along the length of the track.

4-Wire Track Lights are similar to 3-wire lights, but with an additional wire which can be used for dimming or brightness control.

They offer more flexibility and control but may require slightly more effort for installation due to the extra wire. If you’re looking for more advanced dimming features such as colour temperature adjustment or scene presets, then a four-wire set-up is your best option.

Magnetic Track Lights use magnets instead of traditional wiring for power. They attach magnetically to conductive strips on the track, allowing for easy repositioning. The tracks are exceptionally low maintenance, with dimmable fittings in pendant, spotlight or track light format. Installation is very simple, as there is no need for individual wiring. Given the sleek design of the tracks, they are also clean-lined and minimalist. All in all, magnetic tracks are the most elegant and versatile of your track light options.

When selecting a track light to suit your need, be sure to choose the spots or pendants that are intended for that track system type. It’s worth noting too, that it’s best to order your track and fittings from a single supplier to ensure compatibility throughout your set-up. When in doubt get the advice of a skilled electrician, or ask your lighting company for advice.

With a world of track light options you can create an environment to suit your mood, whether it from retro to modern and anything in between. For more on the available fittings see range here. Happy planning!

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