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Lighting Dec 27, 2020

TLW: Get Wired For Light!

Wire kit lighting systems are as aesthetically pleasing as they are versatile and functional. We speak to Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse, about these practical lighting solutions.

Wire kit lighting systems, such as the Sarabi, Zira and Triniton from The Lighting Warehouse for example, operate by stringing two electrified cables across your ceiling. These cables have an electrified 12-Volt current running through them. Lights are then hung from the cables and they are used to provide illumination. The lights can be hung anywhere on the cable, offering a great deal of flexibility. Because the kits are 12V, it is quite safe to touch the wiring with your bare hands.

Melissa Davidson, from leading lighting retailer, The Lighting Warehouse, notes that Wire kit lighting systems can be suspended from virtually any surface, which makes them a great solution for areas that present challenges with regards to installing lighting: “Wire kit lighting systems are a great solution for areas where it is difficult to install a traditional ceiling or pendant light. For example, the ceiling may be concrete and impossible to drill into, or it could be made from pressed ceiling tiles that you don’t want to damage in any way. Alternatively, your ceiling might be too high to install any kind of functional lighting, or it can have an odd shape, such as barn-style, vaulted ceilings or ceilings with open rafters for example. For all these applications, wire kit lighting systems are ideal – they are quick and easy to install, and they can be suspended between virtually any two points.”

She notes that they are also popular for their simple, yet modern aesthetic: “Another benefit is that wire kits systems boast a simple contemporary aesthetic – making a subtle statement in their own right, but simultaneously not detracting from other core features of a room’s interior design.”

However, perhaps the most notable benefit of wire kit systems is their flexibility, says Melissa: “Their flexibility offers you a number of choices with regards to how they can be arranged and positioned. You can use them as feature lighting to highlight specific works of art or architectural features in a room. They can also be used to great effect for overall ambient lighting – offering a broad general light.”

The best globes to use with wire kits are, without a doubt, LED globes, advises Melissa: “LED globes are incredibly energy efficient, and they boast an impressive lifespan of up to 25 000. This will save you money on your lighting bills and replacing globes. LEDs also generate hardly any heat when they are on, which is useful in summer when trying to keep your interiors cool.”

The most popular LED globe to use with wire kit systems is the MR16 LED globe. They are generally 5w and available in both warm white and daylight white colours, and they are also available in handy econo-packs.

The Lighting Warehouse has three kits in its range:

1. The 5-light Sarabi wire kit (R1 999,00), which includes:

· 5 x MR16 LED globes

· 5m wire set

· An LED driver

2. The 6-light Triniton wire kit (R1 749,00), which includes:

· 6 x integrated LED light sources

· 5m wire set

· An LED driver

3. The 5-light Zira wire kit (R2 499,00), which includes:

· 5m wire set

· An LED driver

· NOTE: LED globes must be purchased separately for the Zira – we recommend MR16 LED globes.


Shop any of the wire kit systems above HERE. Nationwide delivery is free for online orders of R500 or more. While stocks last. Prices as at December 2020.

For more visit TLW.

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