The Lighting Warehouse: The Magic of Lamps

Lamps are available in a wide selection of different size, styles, shapes and colours, and they can therefore be used to great effect to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of virtually any space. However, they are also functional elements that provide essential task lighting to help you read, write and work.

Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse, offers her top tips on how to go about choosing a lamp that accommodates a room’s décor style, and your functional needs.

Location, location, location

One of the first things you will need to decide on is where you will be positioning the lamps, notes Melissa: “There are a number of places where lamps can be successfully placed. The most popular places for floor lamps is generally next to a chair or sofa, in the corner of a room, or in a location where they can highlight a specific element. The light provided by floor lamps, such as the Capital (R2199,00) and Beaumont (R1999,00) floor lamps for example, are perfect for reducing shadows created by overhead lighting.

While arched floor lamps, such as the Bowery (R1999,00) floor lamp for example, offers an aesthetically pleasing way of lighting up a dull area, and providing much needed task lighting for those sitting on a sofa. However, why not include both floor and table lamps into your décor composition – for a streamlined aestheitc, all of the aforementioned floor lamps also come in matching table lamps, including the Capital (R899,00), Beaumont (R1499,00) and the trendy Bowery (R1199,00).”

Melissa explains that when it comes to table lamps, the most notable areas include on a console table, a nightstand, or on a side or end table. “Wherever you choose to place a lamp, make sure that they do not block the view in any way – thereby inhibiting conversation. For example, for lamps that are positioned on an accent table between two armchairs, it would be advisable to substitute a lamp with a wide solid base, with one that has a thin or transparent base, such as Raffles (R1499,00) or Peninsular (R1799,00) ranges of table lamps, which create a lighter and more open feel,” she advises.

Sitting pretty

Your choice of lamp should accentuate a room’s existing décor and furniture, says Melissa: “One of your most important points of call will most certainly be based on aesthetics – does the room in question have a rustic, contemporary, traditional or retro décor composition? The lamp you choose, whether it is a floor or table lamp, will need to complement the room’s particular style. For example, lamps with delicate designs, such as the Fairmont for example, add a feminine touch to a room, while the Meridien (R999,00) table lamp is a better option for more rustic décor compositions. You can furnish a contemporary home with the Silo (R1499,00) or Kriskros (R1299,00) table lamps. Or for understated modern elegance, why not choose a lamp such as the chic Solaris (R1499,00)?”

When space is an issue

Wall-mounted bedside lamps offer a great solution for rooms where space is a premium, explains Melissa: “Including wall-mounted bedside lamps, such as the Primi (R999,00) range of adjustable lamps, is a great space-saving solution – freeing up a lot of space on your bedside table, or negating the need for a bedside table all together. They are also adjustable, which allows you to alter the direction of the light to suit your preferences and functional needs. These lamps can also be very useful when used as a desk light.”

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