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Lighting Jul 21, 2021

The Lighting Warehouse Presents Daring & Defined Dining Room Lighting

Create memorable moments around the dining room. Statement lighting will brighten up every experience. The Lighting Warehouse brings us daring and defined dining room lighting with tips to help you choose the best light for your space.

Light has the power to define an interior. The same is true in a dining room. However, there are certain basic considerations that should not be overlooked. Elements like position, height, shape and size will all impact your light choice. Let’s take a closer look at the basics…


In a defined dining space, the table is often the main attraction. Your light is like a good ‘wing man’. Its role is to highlight the table, enhance the space and make it feel and look more luxurious. Position is thus key. Try to centre your lighting choice above the table for maximum appeal.

Consider suspending lighting like chandeliers or pendants that can hang above your table. This will draw the eye into the space and create a more elegant look and feel in the room.


Light fixtures come in different heights and sizes, but what is best when it comes to your dining room? Your dining room light needs to be high enough so that it doesn’t become a distraction when you are seated. It should also be low enough to offer the best illumination of your table. If your ceiling is of an average height, as a rule, your dining room lighting should hang at about 75 to 90cm above the table’s surface.

Shape and Size

Besides the actual shape and size of your light fitting, the shape and size of your table is just as important. It will subsequently help you make the right lighting choice. So, if you have a small table, one large pendant may be the ideal fit. For a longer table, a bigger lighting installation will offer a more glamourous look.

Choose your style

Consider the look of your room when choosing dining room lighting. Whether you’re after a more linear lighting installation or something more abstract and organic, your chosen style will either complement or contrast the overall look of your dining room.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the overall look I want to achieve in my dining room?
  • Does my chosen light fit into this style?
  • Will it offer the right amount of illumination needed in this space?


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