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Oct 27, 2017

The Lighting Warehouse: Channel Lights For Modern Living

Lighting can totally transform an interior and help change the atmosphere  – whether this is through functional task lighting or mood lighting. Here we take a look at channel lights for modern interiors and the professionals from The Lighting Warehouse offer some input as to the variations now on the market.

Although the traditional T8 fluorescent still offers an inexpensive means of providing task lighting in the home, office and industrial settings, it does have its drawbacks. Says Melissa Davidson from leading local lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse: “T8 fluorescents have long been the go-to solution for illuminating both commercial and residential spaces efficiently and inexpensively. That is, up until recently – now there is a new player on the market that promises even better quality of light, efficiency and longevity – the LED channel light.” She explains the benefits of these new LED channel lights have over the traditional T8 fluorescents:

  • Better efficiency: The Lighting Warehouse’s LED channel lights provide the same amount of illumination (lumen) as T8 fluorescents, but they consume 50% less energy.
  • Quality light: The new LED channel lights do not flicker or hum, whereas T8 fluorescents often do. The lumen given off by T8 fluorescents can bother one’s eyes with their bright glare, whereas the LED channel lights from The Lighting Warehouse boast a built-in opal diffuser to soften any glare or harsh light.
  • Lifespan: The LED channel lights available from The Lighting Warehouse boast an incredible lifespan of approximately 30 000 hours!
  • Slim design: The LED channel lights available from The Lighting Warehouse boast an elegant slim design that comes complete with the LED fitting. This makes them a great choice for above- and under-cabinet lighting.
  • Easy installation: As the LED channel lights are super lightweight, they are much easier to install compared to the bulky and heavy old school fluorescent fittings.
  • No Maintenance: There is no need to change globes or replace tubes, as the LED channel lights have built-in LEDs and come complete with the entire fitting. As such, the LED channel lights require no maintenance and offer a fuss-free lighting solution.

The Lighting Warehouse offers different types of LED channel lights that would be perfect for your interior. Visit www.lightingwarehouse.co.za to find a store closest to you.

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