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Lighting Oct 12, 2021

The Lighting Warehouse: 4 Tips When Shopping For Dining Room Light Pendants

Lighting has the ability to set the mood, create ambience, instantly uplift a space and illuminate the areas you need most. In the dining room, it can add to an even more pleasurable dining experience. Learn the basic steps to choose the right pendants for the dining room, and you’ll be all set for the seasons ahead.

Here are 4 tips when shopping for light pendants above a dining table, with some of our favourite picks from The Lighting Warehouse.

Dining room lighting is a little different from lighting required in others areas around the home. When you’re comfortably seated around a table, the right pendant can provide much needed illumination to help you see and enjoy your meal. At the same time, it can also create a focal point above a table and become a beautiful talking point in your space.

1. Get the Proportions Right

It’s all about balance when it comes to choosing the right pendant light in the dining room. Consider the proportions of your space and table before selecting the ideal pendant. As a pro tip, your pendant should be no larger than one-third of the size of your table. This way it won’t overwhelm the room.

2. Be Adventurous

In the dining room, you can afford to take some risks. Lighting is a great way to make a statement so be adventurous with your choice of pendant. Consider interesting materials like metal, wood, and glass. However, you can also be brave with your choice of shape and allow your light to be a feature – such as artwork – above the table. You could also choose to group two or more pendants together for a beautiful and timeless installation.

3. Go Eclectic

It’s okay to mix materials and choose something interesting. You don’t have to settle for straight-cut lighting or a minimalist look. In fact, by mixing styles in your dining room, you can create a beautiful eclectic feel.

4. Consider Height

Your pendant should not be a distraction to guests around the table. As such, the right height is key. As a pro tip, a good height would be around 70cm – 75cm above your tabletop. This will give you ample space to easily converse with guests without your pendant causing a visual disturbance.

The Lighting Warehouse is always ahead of the curve when it comes to contemporary lighting for your interior. Shop their full range of pendants and bring beauty and style to your dining room today.

Visit The Lighting Warehouse for more.


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