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Lighting Jul 19, 2021

Streamlight Lighting Presents Inspired Karman Italia Designs

Karman Italia is known for remarkable and innovative lighting ideas. Those who buy a Karman lamp are well on their way to challenging stereotypes and defending their personal identity. 

Today we showcase some of their inspired designs now available locally from Streamlight.


As the name suggests, Circus is a series inspired by circus tents. This fine pendant lamp showcases impeccable craftsmanship involving techniques that date back to the 16th century. The diffuser’s bulging and ethereal body is therefore crafted of mouthblown glass. It subsequently achieves a precious fabric-like filigree effect by also winding and lengthening milky-white strips of glass onto the molten glass.

Designers explain the inspiration behind this collection: “I can still picture those colourful posters. Trapeze artists twirling weightlessly through the air. Breaths taken and held for infinity. A besotted clown shooting a woman into the stars. Flamboyant silver and gold costumes. Fire-breathing, and the pungent smell of the flames. The lively sounds of the carnival band. All housed within a mesmerising striped Circus tent.”

The Karman Zoo – Corrado & Amsterdam

Paying homage to the ancient art of bullfighting. Corrado, the new Matteo Ugolini wall lamp, takes the form of a bull’s head. It is thus a symbol of fury and virile strength, complete with light-up horns and a nose ring brass.

“Like ivy wrapped around a tree, a classic chandelier takes possession of its horns, wrapping them in refined harmony to create a unique aesthetic.”

The Amsterdam wall lamp is a rightful member of the fantastic, luminous “Karman zoo”. It is inspired by a bulldog in the Dutch capital, but known throughout the world. The Amsterdam is thus a success thanks to its high relief in matt ceramic.


A strongly eclectic yet discreet look lends this pendant lamp its signature elegance. It therefore effortlessly fits in refined modern homes and private studies. An upside-down black aluminum cone hosts the LED light (24V, 16.8W, 1980 lm), dangling from a black cable from which descends a white plaster ceiling rose rich in Baroque-style floral detailing.

Moonbloom is a collection of pendant lamps designed by Matteo Ugolini,. The collection is therefore suitable to illuminate and furnish any type of environment.

“Suspended and forever illuminated by reflected light. It’s the year 2060 and she is no longer a dream, but the vision of a future moon. When humankind is able to walk among the flowers that grow on her surface.”



Xana is a reference to the graceful nymphs of Asturian folklore, who comb their hair using crystal clear streams and waterfalls as mirrors.

The Xana floor lamp is lightweight and made for the outdoors. The underside of the disc conceals an LED light source, and thus mimics the appearance of a delicate water lily.

Available in different heights, this floor lamp can be planted like a flower to illuminate outdoor paths on your terrace or in your garden.

Inspired by the Asturian myth, these are the fairies and water nymphs you encounter on long summer nights. Their song radiates beauty into your soul. Xana is seduction, originality, and a good omen.


A creative geometric composition of vertical and horizontal arms, leading to cones housing light sources. Sibilla is a suspension lamp that emits light in all directions. Sibilla changes in appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed, and its supporting structure is a clear reference to Dutch neoplasticism.

The name is a tribute to the myth of the Sibyls and their prophecies which spread as subtly as the streams of light emanating from this original suspension system. Furthermore, it is available in three different sizes, and in black or white.

This light was designed as if it were sound travelling through space, making its radiant voice heard as it exudes a sense of both poeticism and practicality.

Karman sees light as a revolution. The new Karman 2021 collection is thus designed to provide architects, planners, and interior designers with products that are able to enhance a lighting design project. With these novelties, Karman subsequently winks at minimalism. The brand confers the right mix of elegance, modernity, and craftsmanship.

Shop the look here:

These gorgeous designs are now available locally from agents Streamlight Lighting. As lighting visionaries for over three decades, Streamlight has delivered lighting design, supply and technical services of distinction, earning an acclaimed reputation.




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