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Sep 26, 2018

Stadl Art Introduces A New Life-Size Artistic Light Collection

Create ambience in your office or home with Stadl Art’s newest collection of light art. Stadl Art’s latest life-size lights are bespoke, classy, and scream innovative artistic flair.

Since 2016, Stadl Art has always strived to bring something new to the market and this time, it is no different. Only the finest materials are used to create quality lighting for home, office and hospitality spaces. Artist Johan Stadler sources all materials himself. Only the best quality vintage items are used, making each light a bespoke, handcrafted masterpiece.

Each light tells a story with which the artist wishes to leave a special message to each investor.

Here we feature the new life-size collection:

“Die ligdraer” – translated: The light bearer

Each person somehow carries a special light which will give hope and courage to at least one person. The light bearer is a tribute to all the men and women who bring hope and peace to those in their community. Featuring a large vintage bulb, pilot goggles and helmet as well as a life-size vintage wooden marionette.

“My doel in die lewe”- translated: My goal in life:

The off centre lights on the back represent the ability to give and do what we were made of/for, even though it is not in the same way as others, even though we are not perfect. This light represents all those who give, even if it is just a small encouragement to a little broken-hearted lady. Featuring a vintage life-size manikin, vintage pocket-watches, old South African coins and a vintage light bulb.

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