Springlights: Helping the Environment One Watt at a Time

When we think about saving the environment, we need to consider every little detail of how we live our lives and how we design our homes, down to the last little bulb we plan to incorporate into our space! When it comes to eco-friendly lights, Springlights remains on trend with LED lighting solutions that offer a host of benefits that extend beyond their environmentally-friendly output. Here they share some of the green benefits you may not have considered yet!

LED lights last 10 times longer than standard bulbs. Also, they are low-voltage, meaning they consume less energy. Thus, you get a perfectly bright light bulb that costs less and is better for the environment. You even get an added bonus to both those factors with the fact that they last such a long time.

Here are some additional benefits:

Zero toxicity Most fluorescent light bulbs contain harmful materials that are bad for you and the environment. One of those chemicals is mercury, which is one of the most dangerous of all. LED lights contain no harmful materials. They are also completely recyclable, which added onto the fact that they last 10 times longer than a conventional bulb, means you’re reducing your footprint greatly.  

Durability LED lights can withstand a lot more physical abuse than your typical lights. They’re built with more sturdy components, resistant to impact, shock, and other external forces. They’re also great for extreme cold and heat. These environmental conditions don’t impede performance or damage the bulbs in any way.  
Versatility Whatever reason you may have to use LED lights, you’ll find they fit well and work well. The benefits of LED lighting solutions in your home or office is that you can replace just about any light source with an LED bulb, and you’ll save a lot of money. Not only that, but there are plenty of products that allow you to get creative with how you decorate your home or office. So, you don’t have to pay a ton of money on some other cool looking light that doesn’t have the benefits of LED.

Purchase LED Lights and Save Money Help the environment one watt at a time. The benefits of LED lighting solutions are clear. LED Light and Power has all kinds of green LED technology you should check out today and make the switch. Come into one of the Springlights stores and speak to our incredibly knowledgeable staff about how you can switch to LED today and save!

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