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Nov 9, 2017

Set the Mood with Wall Lamps by Eurolux

Wall lamps are wonderfully versatile and can be made to work in nearly every kind of interior space. They tend to work especially well in spaces where a single fitting is not sufficient, such as passages and rooms with dark corners. Wall lamps are also incredibly space efficient, as they often fit snugly against a wall. Here we share some of our favourite picks from Eurolux.

Wall lamps work brilliantly as accent lighting, adding the necessary mood illumination to the room. Take a look at the interesting selection of new wall lamps from Eurolux.

Pasteri (W350)  The 350 brings an understated elegance to the wall with its satin chrome steel fitting and fabric shade. Pasteri (W353)  Think nifty, think the W353 wall lamp. This two-part luminaire has the conventional 2.4W lamp (great for accent and ambient lighting) and then the nifty adjustable spotlight, ideal for reading or other such concentrated tasks. The fitting is made of steel with a fabric shade, and the piece is available in satin chrome with either white or taupe as the complementary colour. The W535 offers a luminous flux of 150lm, colour temperature of 3000K and 25 000 light hours. Maserlo (W301 and W347) Both the W301 and W347 have a swing arm that gives it extra usability as a task lamp. With the fitting made of steel and the shade available in a variety of colour combinations (satin chrome/black & gold, satin chrome/taupe & gold, satin chrome/white & copper, satin chrome/taupe). A mounted rocker switch comes standard with both. Passa W179 and W180  Look no further than the rounded W179 or the rectangular W180 for trendy architectural wall luminaires in dark and metallic hues. They’re especially striking when fitted as pairs in spaces as diverse as a guest loo and an enclosed patio. Both lamps offer 2 x 3.3W of power, 2 x 240lm luminous flux, 3000K colour temperature and 15 000 light hours. They are available in a black and gold, or brown and copper colour combinations. Stellato (W102) & Sendero (W114) Wood goes a look long in adding textural appeal to a lamp, as it does in both the W102 and W114. With its steel fittings, wooden shades and unconventional shades, these luminaires are sure to be a focal against whichever wall they take their place.

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