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Lighting Jan 19, 2021

Nolden Brothers: 5 Tips To Brighten Your Home With A Table Lamp

Choosing the right lighting for your home may seem simple. However, with the number of options available, you could be left a little clueless. Not too worry, as there are certainly some fundamentals to consider when investing in quality lights. Here we share five tips to brighten your home with the humble table lamp.

Tables, tables everywhere

Placement of your chosen table lamp is key. Just like tables have become staple furniture pieces in almost any room, so too is your choice of a table lamp. Whether you’re brightening up a hallway table, console table, dressing table, living room table, side table or more… the options are endless and a suitable table lamp will definitely help to elevate your space.

Here’s what you need to consider first…

  1. Your decor style – Are you going for a coastal, contemporary or even industrial style? There is a table lamp to match! Match your table lamp to the decor in your room and the ambience you wish to create. Your choice of colours and textures should echo your design style or provide much-needed contrast and definition in the space.
  2. Materials – There are many options to consider, from ceramics to metals, glass, wood, fabric and more. Choose textures and materials that complement or enhance the look of your room. A blend of materials is another great way to make a statement.
  3. Functional placement – If you have a dark corner in your room, a table lamp may be the perfect fit. Add one next to a couch or reading nook to offer additional lighting as needed. Think about the functionality of your space and add lighting to enhance this.

4. Size and Scale – Ensure that the size of your chosen lamp is appropriate for the space and table. A small lamp on a large table may seem out of place, so measure up and choose the appropriate size.

5. Shades and Bases – As a rule of thumb, you will want to choose a lampshade that mimics the shape of the base. So, a round base may pair well with a round shade while a square base may be equally appealing with a square shade.

Whatever your choice, Nolden Bros has a lighting solution for almost every space. Their lighting solutions incorporate elements of metal, wood, resin, stone and other natural resources. As a proudly South African company, they are also a leader in manufacturing decorative lighting and decor accessories.


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