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Lighting Nov 11, 2021

Mobelli: Light Up Your Life With Decorative Floor Lamps

Lighting comes in many forms, but one of our favourite mobile lighting solutions remains the decorative floor lamp. This versatile beauty can add an elegant flair to your space, light up any corner and complete the overall look of your room.

Here’s what you need to know to decorate with a stylish floor lamp…

#1. Colour

Your choice of floor lamp can complement the overall design aesthetic of your room. Choose colours or patterns that tie into the colour palette of your scheme. You could also bring in a touch of contrast with your choice of light shade. This way, your eye will be drawn to the piece and it can become a focal point in your room.

#2. Consider Placement

Floor lamps are wonderful solutions to illuminate under-lit corners in a room. Place it near occasional seating in the living room, or next to a reading nook for added light when you need it most. Unlike overhead lighting, floor lamps are also great for adding softer lighting to a space. It can therefore add to the ambience of your room.

#3. Texture and Tone

Your choice of materials is endless. Choose something that adds an extra wow factor in your space. A bold metallic floor lamp can bring elegance to a room. A beautifully upholstered shade can add a soft edge. Either way, an interesting lamp will add appeal and much needed aesthetic quality to your interior.

#4. Consider Your Overall Look

What is the design of the room as a whole? If you’re going for something contemporary, a more modern floor lamp will help to set the tone. In a more traditional room, a classic choice may be the better option. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades may add height and drama to a space without overpowering its other decor. Consider the shape and style of your floor lamps and how these add to the overall look.

Light up your life with the latest in contemporary design now available from Mobelli. Shop a complete collection of bold, modern and outstanding lighting solutions to suit your interior.

Visit the website at www.mobelli.co.za. 

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