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Lighting Jan 26, 2021

MINIMA: Organic Lighting Trends

Choose from classic curves, free-flowing forms or dramatic angles. Beautiful lighting can add a whole new dimension to your space. Here we share some organic lighting ideas  from MINIMA

Select a beautiful light to hang above a kitchen island, dining table or in an entrance hall for a striking feature. Or, cluster to create a collection of different sizes and styles. Here are some of our favourites:

1. The Aura Light

We love the intricate patterned exterior of the Aura light. It’s all in the name, as the shade helps to set the tone with a beautifully illuminated aura. This light is made from sustainable bamboo and is supplied with an 80mm powder-coated aluminium ceiling fitting.

2. Fusion Light

The Fusion light incorporates bamboo veneer to shade the lamp, providing a subtle warm glow. A great addition as a feature light in an interior.

3. Lumen

The Lumen incorporates Bamboo Veneer to shade the lamp and provide a subtle warm glow. Each piece is made using sustainable birch plywood and bamboo veneer.

4. Protea Light

Named after South Africa’s national flower, the Protea light is available in two size options. Inspired by the petals of its floral namesake, the staggered ribs double up around the central band of the pendant light.

5. Lotus Light

The Lotus light is a beautiful example of unity between form and shape. Each component of the light is designed to clip together using only opposing forces of tension and compression, with no fasteners or glue required. Made in Cape Town, each light is produced using sustainable birch plywood, and is delivered in an easy to assemble flat-pack.

6. Flex Light

The Flex, with its strong angular external form, shows its gently curved internal space when illuminated. The Flex is available in 400mm diam. and 600mm diam. The Flex light is made from 6mm birch plywood, for a beautiful organic feel.

7. The Tendu Light

Named after the ballet position, Tendu means extended or stretched, which perfectly describes this elegant and elongated shape. The Tendu light is available in two size options: SMALL h600 x 347mm and LARGE h900 x 470mm.

8. The Sphere Light

The Sphere light incorporates a spherical shape, the most basic and simple of all archetypal forms. A spherical shape therefore fits in with absolutely any environment or space. The Sphere 400mm and 600mm are the two smaller pendant lights of the Sphere range. Whilst the 1000mm is the largest, and makes for a wonderful feature light or focal point of any room.

Contact: Minima lighting for a collection which includes elegant Scandi-inspired pendant lights that are understated yet hold their own in sophisticated commercial or residential spaces. Made from sustainable birch ply and/or bamboo, Minima’s lights provide a natural and eco-friendly option to lighting.

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