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May 4, 2020

Midgard – Flexible Working Calls For Flexible Lighting

When we look at modern 21st century work models, a very clear picture emerges: ‘new work’ is characterised by the changes taking place in our time. More than ever before, digital transformation facilitates flexible and mobile working. We therefore need new office concepts tailored to the users’ needs.


Technical tools, such as laptop, smartphone etc., allow maximum agility and networking – workstations are complemented by multifunctional office spaces, open meeting areas, retreat spaces for focused working and by communication enabling lounges and kitchenettes. The furnishing of these multi-spaces also poses new challenges: what’s required are multi-functional and flexible – as well as aesthetic and inspiring – products. Good lighting also plays a crucial role because here, too, adaptability is key.

Since the company’s foundation at the beginning of the 20th century, adjustable lighting has been the top priority at Midgard. In 1910, ceiling lamps and pendants were the standard, but these lamps would only cast light from above with the result that the shadow of the worker’s head and body would obscure the workplace.

For Midgard founder Curt Fischer this situation posed an intriguing challenge, and, in November 1919, he presented his solution: adjustable lighting. The innovative aspect of Fischer’s lamps was the fact that you only needed one hand to pull the light towards you and to pivot the head in order to angle the beam where you needed it. A technical invention that has been part of the Midgard lamp portfolio from then until now.

The configurable design of the Midgard modular series

The highly functional table, wall and ceiling lamps from the modular TYP 500 and TYP 550 ranges can be configured according to individual preferences and the type of application, using a variety of bases, arm lengths, lampshades and colours: flat base, screw base or clamp base, arms of various lengths and with maintenance-free joints, or pivotable shades for the perfect cone of light. The modular Midgard lamps allow a maximum range of movement and blend into the design concept of the respective workspace. Furthermore, Midgard provides adapters for office desk systems (among others for Vitra, USM and System 180) in order to integrate the TYP 500 and TYP 550 into the plug-and-play principle of these systems. This is also available for the Spring-balanced Lamp from Midgard.


A flexible classic – the Spring-balanced Lamp
This iconic design scores by providing an individually adjustable light source: due to both the flexible, two-arm design, whose construction and mechanism is directly derived from the human arm, and the reflector, which can be adjusted to the user’s liking, the light is directed precisely to where it is needed. Crucial advantages of this lamp are its maintenance-free joints and springs, which, even under heavy use, guarantee reliable
flexibility and stability. Today, this timeless design is available in both floor and table variants, featuring either a clamp or a base, or a plug-and-play adapter for popular desk brands. The lamps come in white or black powder-coated metal.



Light in every corner – thanks to the K831
The K831 pendant is another innovative design: thanks to its rotatable reflector, which is attached to the lower, semi-spherical part of the holder, this beautiful classic lamp can be rotated according to the user’s needs and preferences. The K831’s shade is carefully handcrafted: steel, aluminium or copper is turned manually, using traditional methods. The aluminium version is optionally available with powder coating in various colours, while the steel shades come with an enamel finish in five different shades (pearl white, pale green, concrete grey, black and charcoal, all with a white interior surface). The K831 is mounted with a textilecovered cable, also available in different colours. The high degree of customisability – in combination with the flexible lighting effect, the height adjustability and the powerful light output – allows the K831 to be used for the most varying ‘new work’ applications, from individual workstations to meeting rooms and reception areas.

The functional and decorative qualities of the K831 make the pendant, with its simple yet ingenious charm, an absolute all-rounder.

Discover more at www.midgard.com.


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