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Sep 20, 2018

Lumen 8: Exclusive Light Switches For Contemporary Living

Light it up with beautiful light switches to match your modern design aesthetic. Lighting is more than the bold chandelier or stylish pendant that illuminates your space. Take care of all the little details and be sure that your light switches complement the look. Lumen 8 takes care of all of our needs with bespoke switchgear for every room.

Lumen 8 understand the complexities involved in selecting light switches, dimmers and socket outlets, and are dedicated to finding ways of refining both the process and product to make the customer experience an enjoyable, stress-free one.

Versatility is the name of the game. With so many options available in your choice of colour plates, levers, labels, fixing, wall box and sockets – every detail has been carefully designed and catered for. Whether your chosen switchgear is subtly unobtrusive or bright and bold, the effect is always distinctively LUMEN 8.

They can assist in selecting your tailor-made switchgear down to the finest detail by collaborating with architects, engineers and homeowners etc. Their Options page provides more insight into the bespoke possibilities and all orders are manufactured according to your specifications. Lumen 8 supply countrywide and internationally and are ready to help with your needs.

Browse their many bespoke options online and create an interior that you’ll love – down to the finest detail!

Contact: Lumen 8.

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