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Sep 16, 2019

Kare Design: Tips To Light Up Your Dining Room

Create a bold and inviting dining room with gorgeous lighting. A simple light pendant or chandelier can anchor the room and create an ambience of intimacy and elegance around the dinner table. Here we share four of our favourite light fixtures from Kare Design to bring elegance to your dining room.


Go bold or go home

We love dramatic light fittings that take your breath away. Choose eye-catching pieces to add a fresh and bold approach to your dinner table. If you have a dedicated dining room with a large table that is used daily, then it is certainly advised to invest in quality lighting to not only offer functional illumination to your dining experience, but to set the mood for relaxation and conversation around the table. In our opinion, bold is often best!

Candlelight Dinners

There’s nothing cosier than candlelight. Inspire your guests with a candlelight dinner of a special kind – in deceptively genuine candlelight shining from above!

To Contrast of Complement?

This is the question. When it comes to lighting in the dining room, you can often get away with a beautiful contrasting light fixture or chandelier that demands attention in this space. We love intricate designs in mixed materials to add an air of drama and contrast to your space. With Kare Design’s array of lighting options for contemporary homes, modern highlights are created by slender pendant lamps made of precious metals.

Iconic Chandeliers

Stylish chandeliers will transform the dining table into the glamorous centre of the evening. Elegant gold accents and warm lighting will help to keep things cosy in this space. However, if you’re looking for a touch of interest and glam, bring in a bold oversized chandelier in mixed materials for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Shop the collection at Kare Design and bring a little flair to your dining room this season.

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