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Lighting Nov 17, 2021

Kare Design: Expert Tips & Lighting Positions At Home

Lighting is an essential component of any design. Learn to set the mood with a beautiful lighting installation in your home. Keep reading for some expert lighting tips and a few of our top lighting finds now available from Kare Design…

Light up your living room

In a bigger open plan living and dining room, we can become fixated on the bigger furniture and design elements that make up a room. Smaller details like lighting and decor are often overlooked. However, to achieve a cohesive look from one zone to the next, you need to carefully consider all of the small details that work together to form the whole.

Bring your vision to life by incorporating lighting that ties into the overall design theme of your space. Whether industrial, boho, farmhouse chic, modern or contemporary. Your overall choice of lighting needs to complement the look and vision you want to achieve.

Opt for layered lighting in this space instead of one single light source which may be insufficient. Overhead lighting is but one component in a large living area. Smaller side lamps and pendants are ideal above tables, near sitting areas and in work zones.

Some of our favourites include the Smoky Lounge Rectangular light from Kare Design. This lamp combines shine and geometry in a sparkling and elegant way. Elaborately facetted glass crystals provide fascinating lighting effects and glamorous glitter in the room. The smoked grey glass elements furthermore give this lamp a mystical and cool character.

In the end, it is important to think about the zones and functions of each space, and choose lighting accordingly. The two main factors to consider are function and feel in your room.

Light up your kitchen

Kitchens have become multifunctional areas in the home. No longer a closed off room only used for meal preparation, modern kitchens are now opening up into conversational areas of the home. As such, lighting needs to be flexible in your kitchen to allow you to perform a number of tasks in different zones. Whether preparing and cooking food, cleaning, eating, reading the newspaper or chatting to friends. Lighting is not just about the feel of your kitchen but will also need to carefully consider the various functions you hope to perform in this room.

Cool light is often recommended for kitchens, but you can mix it up with brighter lights overhead, and warmer lights to highlight cabinetry and splashbacks.

Beautiful pendants are great above a countertop or prep station. A multi-globe installation will also add interest here. Something like the Spider Multi 6 Light from Kare Design is a beautiful investment in lighting. With their many legs spiders are highly nimble, and the Spider Multi pendant lamp with its six spots is a shining example of flexibility and functional design! The spots can be aligned differently, allowing individual lighting scenarios to be created. In this way, certain areas of a room can be illuminated and shown at their best. The metal look with its silver finish adds a modern touch and – in combination with the curved shape of the lampshades rounds off the lamp’s overall elegance.

Task lighting is also important in the kitchen to help maximise your space. LED strips are a great option here – and can be used to light up storage, benches and counters with ease.


Light up your bedroom

Your boudoir is a place where you can let your individual personality shine. In lighting, bolder chandeliers and pendants often set the scene for an elegant and romantic retreat. However, you’ll also want to consider added lighting in different positions here.

Yes, you’ll have your standard downlights or ceiling lights to make a statement, but don’t just leave it at that. A bold pendant or chandelier can elevate the entire design. Something magical like the Monte Carlo Sette Adjustable light from Kare Design is ideal above a bed. This adjustable designer lamp comes in elegant black and copper/gold with six sockets for bulbs. Especially beautiful with vintage bulbs!

As for the rest of the room, add something close to the bed on a bedside table for easy access and functionality. This could be a table lamp, a wall lamp or even pendants suspended on either side of your bed. This will subsequently help set the mood in your room.

Shop character-filled lighting for every room at Kare Design.

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