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Lighting Aug 15, 2021

K Light: Your Guide To Choosing Light Pendants

Add that special touch to your interior with a dynamic range of pendant lighting from K Light. Pendants bring class, style and even swag to a room. Find your style and choose from industrial, rustic, traditional or modern pendant lights to suit your space.

We love pendants because they are versatile and powerful lighting options. You can use these in almost any setting. A single stylish pendant above a dining room table can help to set the mood. However, a grouped installation above a counter or stairway is just as bold and inviting.

Here we share some top pendant trends. Hopefully you’ll find the right fit to suit you…

The Modern /Contemporary Look

Modern interiors call for sleek, refined and chic finishes. The same is true in your choice of light pendants. Modern pendant lights are typically more streamlined and minimal in how they look and feel in a space. Keep designs simple and sleek to achieve this look in your home.

The Industrial Look

This trend is increasingly popular as it brings with it a love for city, urban lifestyles. It’s also a great way to elevate an interior and give a room an edge. Industrial pendants are furthermore, excellent as a practical, functional source of illumination. Options here will include metallic accents and raw materials.

The Traditional Look

If you’re after more of a classic style, then traditional lighting pendants are your best bet. Options here will provide decorative flourished and elegant designs. Subsequently, these are great when grouped together. You can achieve a art deco kind of installation with one or more in your favourite space.

The Rustic Look

Rustic design is usually centred around old-world charm and organic materials. Think natural wood, bamboo, rattan and more. These do exceptionally well in a kitchen, and especially design schemes that lean toward farmhouse styles.

Pendants come in various shapes and sizes. Your choice of material will also help to elevate your style. So whether you’re after a natural look with bamboo or rattan, or a more urban ambience with metals, the choice is yours.

K Light provides a wide selection for your pleasure. Be sure to check out their latest pendant offerings and make the right choice for your interior.

Visit K Light for more.

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